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Time & Attendance Plug In
CCS Enterprise’s Time & Attendance Plug In captures works hand-inhand with most Time-clock equipments. CCS Time Attendance extracts
Employee Attendance information from your Time-clock equipments and
integrates with CCS Project Costing system to accurately compute the
labour cost incurred for each associated projects.
CCS Time & Attendance takes the hassle out of employee time records.
With the CCS Time Attendance Plug In, you will not be jammed each
month to calculate the labour cost for individual project. CCS Time
Attendance integrates with Project Costing to control and analyze your
labour cost incurred for each associated project and cost centre.
Feature highlight
Full control of labour rate. You can set up labour rates according to :
Rank of employee
Project & Cost Center
Weekday or weekend or public holiday
Normal working hours or OT hours
Effective date
Flexible uploading frequency and uploading format
Why should I use CCS Time & Attendance Plug In ?
To simply and easily track time against jobs and allocate costs
To prevent undercharging your client and the loss of revenue can cause
Because you want to collect time and attendance information on different
project location but still process the information in one spot, at the same
time, and in just minutes.
Keep your existing Time clock equipment without replacing them
Track your employees as they work on particular jobs, projects, or tasks
Integrated inquiries and reports with CCS Project Costing to provide you
with full picture of your spending on each Projects and to make
management decision easy
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