Customer Relationship Management
Fusion 08
Matt Resong | See the possibilities…
• Presenter
• Scope
– High Level Overview – CRM Module Use
• Information contained within the CRM Basics session is reviewed
here is less detail.
– Reporting Capabilities
– Management Review
• Audience
– Anyone considering the CRM Module
– Sales Manager’s
– Management Team | See the possibilities…
Activities – What are they?
• An activity is a singular operation or process step
– These can often times be associated to a distinct time frame.
– These may be scheduled - calendar type events.
– These may be associated to an account, contact, opportunity,
and/or campaign.
– These are normally “assigned to” or “performed by” someone.
• Examples:
Receiving an RFP from a prospect contact.
Sending an estimate to a customer.
Calling a prospect to discuss a project.
Follow-up meetings/calls to quote(s).
Internal Company Meeting. | See the possibilities…
Is this an Opportunity?
• An opportunity is any work or potential work either
requested by or anticipated from a customer or
• Opportunities add to the sales pipeline.
• Opportunities are normally associated to many
• Examples:
– Prospect requests a quote for ACME Mailing Project.
– Customer sends a new job to you, without a quote.
– A prospect sends you an RFP. | See the possibilities…
A Campaign is a What ?!
• A campaign is a marketing or sales related effort being
performed by your company.
– Normally span a significant period of time – Weeks or Months.
– Normally consists of many activities.
• The end result is to generate opportunities and sales
• Examples:
– Summer 2008 Mass Mailing to all Customers
– Annual Customer Appreciation Event
– Prospect E-mail marketing campaign | See the possibilities…
CRM Accounts
• Customer Accounts vs. Prospect Accounts
– The primary functionality difference is the inability to
create a job for a prospect account.
• Usage
– Can be related to:
• Activities
• Opportunities
• and … | See the possibilities…
CRM Contacts
• A contact for an account contains different
information than an account.
• Contacts can be prospect contacts or customer
– A customer may have prospect contacts.
– A prospect may not have customer contacts.
• Contacts can be associated to activities. | See the possibilities…
Account Entry and Use
• Creating anew
– Account Categorization (Sales Info) options.
• Viewing an account
– Can create account level notes here.
– Review contacts, opportunities, and activities
associated to account. | See the possibilities…
Contact Entry and Usage
• Creating
– CRM specific information includes:
• Source Type
• Various Flags (Booleans)
• Usage
– Creation of activities and notes within a contact.
– Quick entry into the calendar. | See the possibilities…
CRM Activities
• Entry
– Points of entry
• Direct
• Account, Contact or Campaign
• Automatically from an estimate
– Information available for entry
• Calendar applicability
– Activities are designed to show on a salespersons calendar via
assigned to designation
– Activity type determines icon
– Status determines visibility | See the possibilities…
CRM Opportunities
• Creating a new opportunity
– Points of entry
• Direct
• Account or Campaign
• Automatically from an estimate
– Entry of an Opportunity
• Significance of Probability, Amount and Date Fields
– Sales pipeline and Forecasting
• Existing Opportunities | See the possibilities…
CRM Campaigns
• Entry – Direct
• Existing Campaigns
– Campaign Notes
– Adding Activities
– Adding Opportunities | See the possibilities…
CRM Calendar
• Points of Entry
– From Account or Contact
– Direct
• Viewing
– Various “views” (Daily Weekly Monthly) and navigation.
– Hovering over an item.
– Clicking shows context menu.
• Adding new activities
• Specific salesperson calendar
– Properly configured appliance shows only your activities.
– View others by selecting from list. | See the possibilities…
CRM Reports
• Activity Reports
– Activity List
• Determine activities and opportunities to display depending upon
• Determine salesperson ID, only using a range if you want more than one
salesperson's activities in the report.
– Past Due
• Displays a list of activities shown as not yet completed for prior dates.
• Opportunity Reports
– Opportunity List report shows a simple list of opportunities based upon
parameters entered when the report is run.
– Forecast Report displays information relative to dollars within the sales
• Campaign List Report
– Displays a simple list of campaigns and related information based
upon parameters entered when the report is run. | See the possibilities…
A Salespersons Perspective
• Reviewing account activity
• Reviewing jobs in process
• Reviewing future opportunities | See the possibilities…
Why CRM? – A Management
• The employees will be able to work more efficiently.
• All employees with access to the data can get up to speed and
assist customers and prospects at a moments notice in the
absence of the standard contact.
• A global information store fosters information sharing intracompany and reduces training constraints for new employees.
• Able to make better sales related decisions as more detailed
information exists.
– What types of customers should we pursue? Defining a target market
– What areas are we strong/weak in after a quote is done? Analyzing
opportunities. | See the possibilities…
Aggregating Data
• Custom Reporting Possibilities
– Standardized marketing letters
• Getting the most out of your data | See the possibilities…
Customer Relationship Management
Q&A | See the possibilities…