Pacing Guides

Pacing Guides
How and Why of Pacing Guides
PLC Question #1
Question-What do we want our students to learn?
PLC Work: Standards-Based Pacing Guide
 What are the power standards for your grade level?
 How will you ensure that all are thoroughly addressed and
taught for student mastery?
 How will this look over the course of the year or
PLC Question #1
PLC Work: Standards-Based Pacing Guide
 How will your curriculum resources support this process?
 How do we guarantee that each student will receive
systematic instruction in all standards regardless of school
or teacher?
 As a facilitator, how can you support your department in
making this happen for every student?
Why standards-based pacing guides?
 Ensure that all standards are adequately addressed
 Clear articulation of how students will have access to all
 Vertical and Horizontal articulation
 Pace logical “chunks” of instruction and opportunities to assess
what is being taught
 Fluid document that must be revised as needed
Pacing Guide Rubric
 Standards to be taught
 Power standards for course/grade level
 Timeline for when
 Power standards for course/grade level
standards are assessed
 Curriculum materials
 Alignment of curriculum
materials to standards
are clearly articulated.
are clearly articulated.
 Curriculum materials to be used and
the sequence of their use is clearly
 Ties between curriculum materials and
power standards are explicitly made for
each power standards.