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Cyber Safety & Child
Sexual Exploitation
Child Sexual Exploitation in
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Andy Stokes
Reality Check
What is the plan?
What are we here for?
• Features in Policing Plan and has done for
• Key focus for the organisation
• We protect the vulnerable
• We “Think Family”
• We work in partnership
• Joint working through the LSCB’s across
County and City
• We learn from our experiences
Are our children less safe than
they have ever been?
It feels like it, BUT…..
Greater awareness
Greater press reporting
Greater accountability
Unfortunately we deal with criminals who
also evolve and change their approach……
The Elephant in the room..
So What is it?
Definition of CSE
The nationally agreed ACPO definition of CSE is:
sexual exploitation of children and young people under 18 involves exploitative
situations, contexts and relationships where the young person (or third person/s)
receive ‘something’ (e.g. food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection,
gifts, money) as a result of them performing, and/or others performing on them,
sexual activities.
child sexual exploitation can occur through the use of technology without the child’s
immediate recognition; for example being persuaded to post images on the
internet/mobile phones without immediate payment or gain.
Violence, coercion and intimidation are common. Involvement in exploitative
relationships is characterised by the child’s or young person’s limited availability of
choice, as a result of their social, economic or emotional vulnerability.
A common feature of CSE is that the child or young person does not recognise the
coercive nature of the relationship and does not see themselves as a victim of
Exploitation is headline
…But its not just celebrities
What does this show?
•The high profile celebrity cases generally
relate to historical offences dating back
decades - Exploitation is not ‘new’
•The perpetrators all have one thing in
common – they utilise power to control the
victim, be that through fame, infamy or
Rotherham sexual abuse
2009 Operation Retriever
2009 Operation Retriever
• 13 defendants operated as a gang, nine
convicted offences relating to rape,
pornography and drugs
• 27 victims aged between 12 and 18 years
• Ringer leaders Mohammed Liaquat and
Abid Siddique received indefinite
sentence's with minimum tariff's of eight
and 11 years.
2010 Operation Kern
2010 Operation Kern
• Started when a 14 years old girl in care
disclosed she was being paid for sexual
services. A further 13 other girls were then
• All the victims new each other but the offenders
didn’t, they operated alone.
• 10 people convicted with sentences totaling 48
• Predominantly white male offenders.
2013 Operation Cordelia
Nicholas Geddis
2013 Operation Cordelia
• 13 year old boy from Long Eaton groomed
online, taken to a hotel and raped.
• Examination of suspects phone identified
32 boys across the UK were victims.
• Offences in hotels also identified in
Durham and Newcastle.
• 17 charges including rape, attempted
rape, grooming and trafficking.
• 15 years imprisonment
2014 R v Michael Day
• Information from CEOP about indecent
images being downloaded from his
• Day arrested. Examination of media
devices found footage of him abusing a 12
year old girl who was his sister and who
resided with him.
• Despite the footage the victim was unable
to disclose what had happened.
• 9 years imprisonment.
Derbyshire Child Exploitation
2 Detective Sergeants
4 Detective Constables – POLIT
5 Detective Constables – CSE
1 Detective Constable within Central
Referral Unit dedicated to CSE
• Trained CSE ‘Champions’ in stations
across the county.
CSE Statistics
• 327 referrals in last 12 months
• 218 CSE
• 109 POLIT
• Currently running 148 investigations,
66 Referrals and 82 Crime investigations.
Offenders in Derbyshire
• In 2013/14 there were
132 perpetrators
linked to Operation
Grand Total
Offender in Derbyshire
The age range of offenders was from
16 – 65.
The largest cohorts was aged 20-29 and
50% were under 30.
Lone offending easily outweighs gang/group
Derby / Derbyshire Risk
Assessment tool
The Future –
Prevention is better than cure
Safe and Sound
• Offer support and advice to victims
• Now extended in the county as well as
Derby City
The National Working Group
• Offers advice to all agencies involved in
• Good information / idea sharing forum
Thank you