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Dear Parents,
It’s been utmost honour to be working hand-in-hand with you. I
would like to thank all of your understanding, support and
In Term 2, we welcome a new teacher – Teacher Julee (Form
Teacher of PG). Under her care and guidance. We have indeed
see great progress in the children. Apart from this, all children
worked hard to prepare their gifts for both daddy and mummy.
They wanted to present their best gifts to the two most
important people in their lives. This is what each child wants to
say “Thank you daddy and mummy! I love you forever!”
Besides, the children also begin practising on obstacle races, so
that they can do their best during Agape YOG Camp and Family
Day. Don’t you think they deserve a big pat and encouragement
from us? *Well Done, Children!*
Term 3 is coming. Children will be preparing another big event.
Yes, it’s National Day. Singapore is turning 45 on 9 August. Let us
come together and sing praises of Singapore during our National
Day Celebration.
Let us continue to work together to maximize the greatest
potential in each of the children.
Miss Ho Yin Yin
N1 loves you all day long!
Children getting together to do their lovely
crafts for Mother’s Day. 
the best!
妈妈, 我爱你!
“Look at my
bear puppet! Is it
nice?” asked
Wei Ling
“I made a Goldilocks
headgear and I want
to act as Goldilocks”
said Xin Hui
“ We
coloured the
house of the
In Term 2, they
learnt about the
story about
“Goldilocks and
the Three Bears.
They made bear
puppets, Papa
Bear, Mama Bear
and Baby bear
identified different
parts of the Bear’s
house, and the
forest paintings.
They role played
the story using the
headgears that
they made and
the scenario of the
house in the forest.
“ We are the little artist
painting the forest,”.
We are proud
of YOG.
I am going
to make a
In Term 2, we had more fun and excitement
in our exploration of learning more new things. We have
learnt to copy from whiteboard, to do observations and
recording. In conjunction with Mother’s Day, we had written
a short poem and made sandwiches for our beloved mummy.
I am pouring the
½ of water onto
the Yakult bottle.
I am making
sandwich for
I am copying the
facts about the
Youth Olympic
K2 We Are No Longer A Dilly Dally!
Happy Mother’s
Day! You are my
Name the game:
To play this
game, all you
need is some
friends, music
and chairs…
Agape Closure Days
6 Aug 2010
7 Aug 2010
9 Aug 2010
1 Sep 2010
10 Sep 2010
Teacher’s Planning Day
Agape Founder’s Day
National Day
Teacher’s Day
Hari Raya Puasa
Upcoming Event
30 Sep 2010
Pajamas Party
See you in Term 3! 