Geography Project on Christaller`s Central Place Theory

Geography Project on
Central Place Theory
What is the theory about ?
► seeks
to explain the size
and spacing of human
► suggests that there are
laws determining the
number, size and
distribution of towns
The principle of Christaller
► Three
arrangements of Central
Places Theory:
► The Marketing Principle
► The Transportation Principle
► The Administrative Principle
The principle of Christaller
► 1.
price, demand
► 2. distance, Demand
► With longer distance, people need to pay
more transportation cost, the higher price
they have to pay.
► The maximum distance over which people
will travel to purchase Range of goods
► The minimum population that is required to
bring about the offering of the goods.
Threshold population.
Modern Development in
transport and marketing
► Development
of railway
► Development
of highway
Wide spread of Internet
► E-
► E- Bank
► Internet auction
► Business forum
► Exhibition
You can trade on
the Internet by
using our ebanking services.
► Development
of ancillary services
for example, Consultants ,Advertising agencies ,Delivering
You want to open
a firm?
We can help you!!
You would like
to send your
products to
Find us!!!
We provide professional
advertising services.
► This
shop’s brand name is
widely spread
► So, even people living in
Hong Kong Island would like
to travel a rather long
distance to Yuen Long to
enjoy the food
► Can you guess which shop
we are talking about???
What is the effect of these
development then???
1.Change in location
not locate at centre of a territory anymore.
► Locates at transport network
► Reason: to enlarge market area,
because mobility of customers rise
2. Change in range of goods:
► There
are more high order centers and less
smaller markets
► Reason: High order centers include both
high and low order goods
Let me buy all the goods
I need at one go!!!
It’s time to say bye bye…
What thing does it would like to
► Multi-purpose
► It means that in weekends or holidays,
people will purchase a full range of goods in
one single journey.
► Demand for higher order town
► But
Demand for lower order town and
finally they will be eliminated through keen
3.Existence of E-commerce
seller says “I can
make profits too
here, even though
no customers
► Some
sellers rather choose to stay at place
with low-rent price, why???
► Because of the existence of
► Customers
can buy goods and services via
internet easily. They can just sitting armchair and order goods and they will be
delivered to their place. This is used very
often for standardized goods.
Conclusions that can be made
► The
larger the settlements, the fewer their
► The larger a settlement, the farther away a
similar size settlement is
► The Range increases as the population
► The larger the settlement, the higher the
order of its services.
Evaluation on CPT
► Production
cost may vary
► Transportation cost are not equal in
different direction
► Rural market is not evenly distributed
► Cultural, political, personal perception or
else, factors other than economic may be
important too
Here’s come to a question……
Christaller’s Central Place
Theory still apply to the real
world situation nowadays?????
Example on K=3
Examples on K=4
in UK
►Consider Cambridge as a central place
►Surrounded by 7, rather than 6,
►Each is 10-15 miles from Cambridge
►As all of the satellite settlements are on
transport links, this is a good example of
a K=4 CPT model
St Ives
St Neots
What can we learn form CPT???
► Urban
► For society to ensure equal provision of
goods and services
► Provides specific, relevant, reliable
information to economic developers,
suppliers what kind of trade or service
enterprise will and also will not likely work!!!
Members List
Lam Lai Fa
►Joanne Chu Chung Yan
►Ryan Chan Kin Ho
►Gary Kwan Tsz Chung
The End