Persuasive Essay Topic-PE-period B 2012-13

 Please
have out your pro/con list.
 As a table group, pick the top 5
reasons for each side. Write on a
white board. Choose someone to
share responses in 5 minutes.
Persuasive Essay Subject
Should Physical
Education classes be a
required course in
middle school?
Should Physical Education classes be a required course in middle school?
Pros – “yes”
Get active, Healthy, Get a work 
out, Important to exercise daily 
Learn more sports skills,
teamwork, discipline
Free period
Watch movies in the fitness room 
Part of your education, makes well- 
No other subject
Helps practice sports for outside of 
Gives you a break from other
Easy grade
Cons “no”
Can get sick
Less time to study
Less energy for classes
Some students do not
Have to run a mile
Get sweaty to other classes /
Get dirty
Injuries / bee stings
Can get a bad grade if you do
not participate
Too hot to be outside or too
Body Paragraphs
 Thesis
– Physical Education
should be a required class in
middle school.
 1st
reason – When students have PE,
they get a break from the
 2nd reason – During PE students
learn important life skills.
 3rd reason – Physical Education
Per. B
creates healthy children.
 Please
have out your writing
 If you were not here on Friday,
please get the two papers in
the “Friday” folder by the
computer lab door.
Writing Folder
7th grade divider sheet
 Jane Schaffer Terminology Notes
 Persuasive divider sheet
 Persuasive Notes
 PE pro/con list
 PE Thesis/Topic Sentence Chart
6th grade divider sheet
 6th grade work
Introduction – all CM
 #1-
Over the years, a Physical
Education class has been an
important part of a student’s
 #2 – Today, students continue
to greatly benefit from this
 #3 – Physical Education should
be a required class in middle
Reason opposition – shaping sheet
Per. B
ts – However, some people may argue that
PE should not be a required course in middle
school due to injuries.
 CM – They argue that students get easily hurt
from falling down, getting hit by a ball, or even
getting bee stings.
 CM – This view is completely wrong because
a person can get hurt anyway, even in the
classroom or walking to another class.
 CD – Teacher supervision will always be
provided to insure the well being of all
 CS – Physical Education is an important part
of the school day.
Read AR book
 Think about the last CD sentences in our
opposition paragraph that explains teacher
t-chart – 1st reason – When students participate in
daily PE, they get a break from the regular classroom.
 Don’t have to think
 Learn new sports
 Get to move around
 Get to socialize, talk
with friends
 Less questions from
the teacher
 No homework, less
tests, Easy grade
 Exercise
 Fresh air
 EDon’t carry backback
Have fun
Easy grade
More refreshed
Get more energy for
the day.
Feel good about
Reason # 1 – Shaping Sheet
ts - When students participate in daily PE, they
get a break from the regular classroom.
cd – PE class has no homework, less tests,
and requires less thinking.
cd – By getting fresh air, socializing with
friends, PE gets students active.
cm – This class is fun, and it helps students
return to the classroom refreshed and ready
to learn.
cs – Physical Education gives every student a
time away from the stress of academic
Per. B
t-chart – 2nd reason –
During PE students learn
important life skills.
 Teamwork
 Friendship
 New sports
 Opportunity to play a
variety of games, activities
 Learning rules of sports
 Cooperation
 Sharing
CS -Fairness
 respect
CMs – Why is this
Qualities of a good
To become a better
To have a better
More well-rounded
Feel better about yourself
Become more socially
Reason # 2 – Shaping Sheet
Ts - During PE students learn important life
Cd – Essential character traits like
sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, and
respect are encouraged in PE class.
Cd – While students are learning the rules of
sports, they get to build friendships.
Cm – This is important because students will
become better people, and learn that working
together is a life-long lesson.
Cs – Physical Education creates a well-rounded
t-chart – 3
Physical Education creates healthy
Get exercise
Move around
Learn how to properly exercise and
take care of yourself
Learn fitness and good nutrition
Build more muscle
Lowers risk of diseases like
Build stronger heart and lungs
Only time many students get any
Obese children in America
Children need at least one hour of
daily exercise
CMs – Why is this important?
Keeps you active
Live longer
Feel better about yourself
Good for your organs
Encourages a life-long
habit, routine
Creates a desire to
continue to play a sport
and get even more
active outside of school
Reason # 3 – Shaping Sheet
Ts - Physical Education creates healthy
Cd – As more and more children are becoming
obese in America, the need for at least 60
minutes of daily exercise is more important than
Cd – This is the only time many students get to
move around and get any exercise in their day.
Cm - When a student gets active in PE, they are
building a stronger body while encouraging a lifelong habit of exercise.
Cs – Participating in a daily PE class promotes a
more well-rounded student.
Conclusion Paragraph 6 – all CM
#1 – I want to persuade my reader that
PE should be a required course in middle
 #2 – A daily physical education class
provides a needed break from the
classroom, teaches useful life-skills, and
promotes a healthy student.
 #3 – PE must continue to be part of every
middle school student’s day.
PE Planning Sheet Packet (9 papers)
Pro/Con List
Thesis / Topic Sentence Chart
Introduction shaping sheet
Opposition Helper Sheet
Reason 1 t-chart / shaping sheet
Reason 2 t-chart / shaping sheet
Reason 3 t-chart / shaping sheet
Conclusion shaping sheet
Rough Draft
Final Draft NOT stapled in packet.
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