FEB Training Powerpoint

Training for Budget Transactions:
Rules and Guidelines for
Contracts, Gift Card Requests, Online orders and
Payment of Invoices
Update May 2014
Through quality programs, services and
facilities, we create community that
prepares students to become educated and
enlightened citizens who lead meaningful
and productive lives.
Each treasurer is required to provide a listing of
all planned and budgeted events and activities
for the year complete with dates (or estimated
dates/locations)—these events are based on the
budget presented to the Senate Finance
Committee and include speakers, performers,
festivals, etc. (no new events or programs
without approval of the SFC);
All entries are color-coded (see color-key below)
on a master calendar. This is an overall summary
for planning purposes.
- Yellow
- Pink
 Madison
Equality - Red
- Blue
- Purple
 Student
Ambassadors - Orange
The treasurer of each FEB organization is the main contact for budget
transactions (gift cards, invoices, DPOs).
The treasurer is the fiscal officer for their organization and should be
aware of all expenses that are incurred.
The treasurer of each FEB organization is responsible to input gift
card requests into the system two – three days before the card is
actually needed.
The treasurer is responsible to get all invoices to Gail in a timely
manner for payment.
The treasurer is responsible to bring all receipts or packing slips to
The treasurer is responsible to let Gail know immediately of any
changes in officers during the semester (resignations, changes, etc.)
There are two kinds of contracts---Skilled Services and the
A signed W-9 form must accompany either kind of contract.
All signatures on either kind of contract must be original—no
faxes, scans or emails accepted.
All contracts for performers, artists, speakers, etc. need to be
received at least two weeks or more prior to event date for
processing. No contract will be processed without all blanks
filled and a W-9 attached. Contracts received late may not be
honored, which may cause cancellation of an event.
No payment is made to any guest performer on the day of the
event---the two weeks processing time allows for timely
payment immediately after the event.
No deposits are made to confirm a guest performer.
Members of FEB student organizations are not allowed to sign
contracts representing JMU even for their own events.
The performer’s contract, the JMU Addendum contract
and the W-9 must be submitted with all dates, times, and
technical needs completed, but without signatures, for
‘striking’ by JMU.
Once the contract and addendum have been struck by
JMU---which means that components of the contract may
be struck out according to JMU’s rules and state
guidelines. The contract is returned for all signatures on
all parts by the guest performer.
The contract with all signatures must submitted two weeks
prior to the event for processing of timely payment.
The Skilled Services contract is much simpler, but still ALL
blanks (date, location, time, etc.) must be filled in prior to
The performer is the ‘Contractor’ and JMU is the ‘Agency’
for signature purposes.
A completed W-9 must also accompany this contract.
 All
online orders are placed from Gail’s
office/computer in order for payment to be
made by credit card
 Online orders cannot include any JMU logo or
trademarked mark
 Online orders cannot be charged sales tax so
you will need to check ahead of time to see
if the appropriate paperwork needs to be
emailed in order to avoid being charged sales
 All
t-shirt designs must be approved through
Student Activities prior to ordering
 If the words JMU or any trademarked mark
are used in the design a licensed vendor must
process and print the t-shirts
 Pre-paid orders for t-shirts can be taken
ahead of time or t-shirts can be ordered in
bulk and sold (based on budgeted amount)
 Either way---a list of names must accompany
any money collected—both cash and checks.
Please note: Credit cards cannot be used for tshirt purchases.
 There
can be no fundraising for charities
unless a representative from the charity is
actually in attendance at the whole event to
collect money
Any money given would be free-will, no set
entrance fee can be charged
The FEB student organization will not touch or
count or have anything to do with the money
Is the item/expense in your budget?
The org’s treasurer should submit a request through online database
at least three days—even longer if possible--prior to date needed.
Pick up and sign request form for gift card at Gail’s office in Taylor
205H. In signing for a gift card you are accepting responsibility for the
total balance on the card. Please consider this responsibility when
allowing others to use the card without your supervision. Personal
reimbursement is required for ALL lost receipts or unapproved
purchases. (FYI—Wal-Mart will not reprint a receipt if lost.)
Purchases of off-campus food for use at on-campus events MUST have
signatory (copy of signed event form) and/or emailed approval from
Angie Thompson at Gibbons Entrance 7 prior to purchase. (phone
85150 or [email protected])
Return ALL receipts along with the gift card at earliest possible
opportunity---you are responsible for the gift card until you sign and
date the return on the original request form.
Complete and sign BMCF (business meal certification form) for any
food or beverage items purchased (even water).
The Commonwealth acts in accordance with the Prompt
Pay Act – 30 days from receipt of invoice (counted from
the day paperwork is received in Accounts Payable not
when processed in individual offices)
Contracts for artists/speakers/performers need to be
correctly completed with all blanks filled and in process
two weeks prior to event. Payments to artists/
speakers/performers will be mailed in order to be received
7-10 days following an event (no deposit prior to events)
NO IMMEDIATE CHECK PROCESSING---please don’t promise
any vendor or performer immediate payment by check