Medway - Sheffield Children`s NHS Foundation Trust

Why are you here?
• You are considered to be a core stakeholder in the
changes taking place to our systems.
• To some extent you will be affected by this change.
• We want to ensure your views and ideas are
reflected in the system and future plans.
What is Medway?
Medway is the name of the new patient administration system (PAS),
ED and Bed Management system that will replace the current
McKesson PAS and ED system.
It will:
• Improve our booking processes
• Reduce our reliance on multiple systems
• Assist the Trust in improving the quality of information we hold
• Provide a basis for adding new functionality going forward
Why do we need to change?
Our current PAS (McKesson TotalCare) was created in the early 1990s,
is now outdated and doesn’t meet our needs.
Importantly, McKesson will cease support for the system from March
31st 2014. The Trust has chosen to replace the system with a modern
application which has more has more functionality and is more flexible,
assisting the Trust to provide better and more efficient patient care in
the future with:
• Quicker access to information
• Access to the latest technology
• A standard and well respected system
Why did we choose Medway?
Medway was selected as the best fit for our organisation following a
detailed review of available systems, analysis of other installations
and feedback from Trust staff.
Medway is owned by the same company as our current PAS
(McKesson Totalcare) and this minimises the risks of moving from
one system to another, the supplier is skilled on this change.
Medway is a standard system used in 11 other trusts. We have set
up a series of workstreams and various stakeholder workshops to
define the functionality and configure the system ready for testing.
Who is it for?
Initially the system will be for current users of PAS, Emergency
Department and Bed Management.
This accounts for around 750 users who will all be trained in Medway
by the time we go live.
Over time, we will be able to use more of the features of the system.
This will:
• Further reduce the number of separate systems in the Trust
• Enable integrations of separate systems for a more seamless record
Stakeholder Workshops
Stakeholder workshops have been held to view Medway, make decisions
about how we will configure it, develop future plans and document
changes to our processes. Workshops have covered these areas:
Registration of patients
Referrals and the Patient Access Policy
OutPatients & Clinic Management
Waiting List management
Bed Management & Inpatients (including Discharge Summaries)
Emergency Department
Information management and reporting functions
Project structure
Who is leading the project?
The project is organised into work streams to ensure all the
different elements of the project are co-ordinated and all the right
stakeholders are involved at the right stages.
Work Streams
Emily Roberts
Benefits /Change
Jude Stone
Post Deployment
Not yet commenced
Lewis Thompson Rob
Pete Dobson
Russell Banks
Go Live/ Cut Over
Not yet commenced
Joy Beedham
Liz Herron
Pete Dobson
Philip Richardson
What happens when?
Our timeline for launching Medway is below:
August/September 2013: Functional Workshops
Staff across the Trust were invited to see the new system ask any questions and provide
key information on issues.
October 2013: Design & Build
The IT Project Team will work closely with System C to incorporate all feedback from the
Trust functional workshops and ensure the system is tailored around our needs.
January/February/Early March: Testing the system
The IT team will test the new system with stakeholders to make sure it meets all
requirements before Go Live.
February 2014: Training
This will include a range of classroom, one to one and e-learning depending on need of
staff who will use Medway and the needs of their service. Training facilities are to be
developed in The Mount and on site.
April 2014: New system goes live
This scheme does involve an element of change for all PAS
users as Medway is a new system and has much more
functionality than the current system.
The basic principles of the PAS and ED remain the same.
The change will be for the better and will help provide a
smoother, safer, faster patient experience in the long term
and bring benefits to front line staff.
What will the benefits be?
There will be many benefits of the new system including:
• Help staff improve patient care and safety
• Link to other systems exactly the same as now, plus
opportunity for more in future
• Speed up the booking process
• Help staff to be more productive
• Speed up administration process
• Assist the Trust to manage information better
• Higher quality, more flexible correspondence