“A Chitterin` Bite.”

“A Chitterin’ Bite.”
About the collapse of relationships.
Collapse of relationships
Maturity and learning from experiences
The baths.
• Past vs. Present.
• Past – end of p. 61
• Present – middle of p. 62
Past vs. Present.
• “the noise hits you”
• “ceilin high and pointy
like a chapel roof”
• “it leaks”
• “place is fulla weans,
screechin ower the
• “the noise hits you”
• “along the grey,
gluthery street”
• “the shock of the cauld
makin us scream”
• “warm and brightly lit leisure
• “saunas and steam rooms,
aromatherapy massages and
hot showers”
• “shampoo, conditioner and
body lotion tucked neatly in
my designer sportsbag”
The Café vs. The restaurant
• Past – half way down p. 63
• Present – p. 62, 67 and 70
Past vs. present
• “smell of chips and
the steam risin”
• “booths wi gless
panels, frosted like
sugar icing”
• “windaes are aye
steamed up”
• “the seats flip up
and doon on creaky
metal hinges”
• “anonymous place
tucked away in a side
• “we are unlikely to be
spotted here”
• Want to be unseen.
• “at our usual table”
• “pinkish glow of the
candlelight” –
romantic atmosphere
The pictures
“chummy seats up the back”
“sharing wer sweeties”
“grabbing each other’s airms at the scary bits”
“giggling at the love scenes”
Opening pages – Experience of swimming, then
and now.
Flashback to the past.
Introduces setting (description), characters of
Mary and Agnes, and motif of “chitterin bite”.
Present. (Standard English)
Links back to the past and a similar experience
of going to the baths.
“I still go swimming”. She is reflecting. Nostalgic
Contrasts in the opening
• Swimming experience then and now.
• Clothing items – from child with no money to
woman with designer goods.
• Setting – from busy, open places to
anonymous and secluded restaurants.
• Contrast in food – from jam sandwiches to
expensive Italian meals.
• Contrast between Agnes her close, best friend
and Matthew with her rules and distance.