episode 4 - FieldStudy32011-2012

Alejandro Raterta III
Herlyn Chenette Galvez
Jhanin Lidres
Leah Mae Aguilar
Marie Sol Cagobcob
Observation Notes
Name of the School observed:
Iligan City National High School
Location of the School:
Mahayahay, Iligan City
The learning resource center of the school is equipped with most of the
necessary materials to support the teachers and students in the quest
for information and facts needed for classroom discussions. Our topic
is about swimming and what we found in the resource center which is
related to the topic are PE books and encyclopedias. Also, computers
with internet connection are available for online resources especially
with the advent of new techniques in the field of swimming. We find
the resources very reliable and convenient to use as books are easy to
manipulate as well as the computers.
Video CDs and
Reference books
Specific Content
Computers with
internet connection
Charts and
Give at least three benefits of doing a survey of available materials
before making your own materials? Explain each.
1. Based on what materials you have observed, you are able to provide
enhancements in your own materials so that the students will tend
to be more interested in the topic. An attractive and innovative
learning tool is always better to use than conventional ones.
2. It allows you to save some time, money, and effort. If the materials
you need are readily available at the resource centers, it is wiser to
borrow them rather than making one which requires more
resources like the ones listed above.
3. Conducting a survey also broadens your idea about the kinds of
materials which has been already used by past educators and you
can actually compare the results of using the different resources
based on records of the actual learning of the students.
1. Which of the materials did you like making the most? Why?
I enjoy making presentations in the computer especially one
containing pictures and illustrations because I can freely use my
imagination in creating multiple effects and designs to catch
students’ attention.
Of all materials, what really fascinates me is making charts and
illustrations using paper and other supplies because in this I can
enhance my creativity and resourcefulness.
I like to make cartolina as visual aids using cut-out letters from
the newspapers, magazines and catalogues instead of using
pentelpen for the writings in the cartolina
2. What difficulties, if any, did you encounter in making the materials?
How did you overcome them?
The usual problem that emerges when I create my presentation is
regarding the design and selection of the parts like colors, pictures,
effects, and background which paints the overall impression of the
kind of information I want to deliver to the students. To overcome
this, I look for available resources similar to the one I am making and I
refer to them for more desirable combinations and designs.
I usually have problems deciding on what materials I am going to use in
making an illustration, due to the many available materials nowadays.
In order to solve this problem, I make a list of all possible materials
and I decide on what to use based on some criteria as cost, availability,
usability, durability, etc.
3. What tips can you give teachers regarding preparation of teaching
The teacher should bear many things in mind before preparing a
teaching material like:
1. knowledge about the topic
2. availability of materials
3. difficulty of making such teaching tool
4. appropriateness of the tool to the topic you wish to discuss
The teacher should plan ahead of time. This gives the teacher ample
time in making the necessary preparations prior to actual making of
the teaching material. It also allows the teacher to make minor
changes of innovations on the material as may be demanded by