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Organizational Committee
Report-back and
Over the past 3 years, Bike Pirates has
moved, expanded its hours dramatically,
and taken on new projects.
 Our organizational structure has not been
updated to address this growth.
 This has resulted in too many
responsibilities and time-consuming
processes being placed on a small
number of individuals.
Reasons for Formation of
The Organizational committee was formed
at the last monthly meeting to consider the
limitations of the present organizational
practices of Bike Pirates
To consider alternatives which addressthose
issues and improves Bike Pirates’ ability to
excel at its mission
Implementation Plan
The organizational structure we are
proposing addresses the current
problems, but requires increased
participation from members of our
As such, we see the new structure as a goal
we will work towards, gradually introduced
to existing structures in the months ahead.
Sources of Research
This presentation is founded upon many
meetings with individuals from within Bike
Pirates as well as other Bicycle Initiatives.
 Models and literature of other cooperatively run projects were reviewed for
background information.
 Collectively over 45 hours of meetings and
collaboration occurred to create this
To make sure Bike Pirates is run in the most
democratic way possible.
To ensure participation at every level is
Clear venues for participation are present .
To avoid concentration of responsibilities which
can lead to burn out of volunteers.
To make sure all aspects of the operation of Bike
Pirates are looked after.
To ensure transparency in: Decision Making,
Finances, Politics, and Policy.
Goals (continued)
To ensure all kinds of contributions are valued
and acknowledged.
To create an anti-oppressive environment where
all people feel able to participate and learn.
To create an environment of respect.
Reasons for how we operate are apparent and
clearly articulated.
Clear conflict resolution policies and processes.
To make sure volunteer energy is well spent.
Obstacles Facing Decision Making
Currently at monthly meetings a vast amount
information is transferred among individuals.
This results in a lengthy discussion to get
everyone on the same page.
As an example:
A member of the public wants to propose a
program for Bike Pirates but has to sit through
hours of discussion and deliberation about
garbage disposal, bike sales, parts ordering and
various topics.
Obstacles Facing Decision Making
Process (cont.)
Decision-making structure is not always
 What can be decided over the list serv?
 What can be decided by individual
 What decisions can a keyholder make in
the course of a shift?
Formation of committees would be a
suitable strategy to distribute discussion
and debate to venues outside of monthly
 Committees would be split into several
groups based on the operations of Bike
Part I – Committees
 Part II – Monthly Coordination Meetings
 Part III – Quarterly General Meetings
 Part IV – How it all fits together…
Nine Proposed Committees
Volunteers and Training
Treasury and Finance
Parts and Ordering
Food Programming
Premises and Shop Organization
Social Events and Fundraising
Public Relations
Anti-Oppression and Conflict Resolution
Mobile Shop and External Programs
Committee Responsibilities:
Volunteers and Training
Internal Programming
 Volunteer Orientation
 Safety
 Social Work Liaison
Committee Responsibilities:
Treasury and Finance
 Accounting and Taxes
 Verifying bookkeeping
 Expenditure Approval
 Petty Cash
 Pirate Tabs
 Donation deposits
Parts and Ordering
Relationships with Suppliers
 Parts ordering and Inventory
 Donations of Bikes and Parts
Food Program
Food Donations
 Coordinating Volunteers
 Food Safety
 Kitchen Space
 Creating/Maintaining Relationships with
FoodShare, The Stop, etc.
Premises & Shop Organization
Waste and Recycling
 Landlord relations and lease negotiations
 Construction
 Office and basement organization
 Organization of the Shop
 Safety
Social Events & Fundraising
Planning and Coordination of Third
 Publicity for Events (shared with PR)
 Contacting Donations
 Grants
Public Relations
 Flyering
 Media Relations
 Website
 Inter-shop Liaison
Anti-Oppression & Conflict
Moving from Anti-Oppressive Commitment
to Anti-Oppressive Practice in the Shop
 Creating and Implementing Conflict
Resolution Strategy
Mobile Shop & External Programs
Pedestrian Sundays
 Charlie’s Freewheels
 Monarch Park
 Mobile Repairs
 Programming outside of the shop
Other Committees Formed As
AGM Planning
 Policy
 Other temporary or permanent committees
Structure of Committees
Min. 3 members of Committee
 1 point person/representative (to report to
monthly meeting)
 Non-hierarchical decision making
Initial Committee Tasks
Recruit members
 Create a Mission Statement defining areas
of responsibility and organization
 Determine Meeting Schedule
 Determine scope of autonomy and budget
 Set trainings (if necessary)
 Report Backs to Monthly Meeting
Monthly Meetings
Similar to the existing monthly meetings, this is the
space where all the various aspects of Bike
Pirates (represented by the committees) meet
together with all keyholders.
This is a coordinating and administrative meeting
where decisions are made about the regular
and ongoing functions of Bike Pirates.
Structure of Monthly Meetings
Open to all members of the Bike Pirates
 Proposals discussed by all in attendance.
 Proposals introduced here will pass with a
consensus of all attending key holders and
committee representatives.
 Meetings may have a minimum quorum.
Quarterly Meetings
Like an AGM, this is a venue where the
overall direction of Bike Pirates and its
principles and policies are discussed and
 Membership here is made up of every
single person who considers themselves
to be involved in Bike Pirates
 Could be consensus based or require a
2/3rds majority?
Appointment of new keyholders and committee
point persons.
Callouts for participation in committees and
Determining the political direction of Bike Pirates
Review current policy and structure (introduce,
debate, and implement new policies)
Social potluck included!
How it all fits together…
Monthly Meetings
How it All Fits Together (cont)
Ten keyholder shifts (two per day)
Nine committee point-people
Eventual goal to have people take on no more
than two positions of responsibility (e.g. point
person for one committee and keyholder on one
Keyholders and committee point people
encouraged to participate in other committees
and volunteer on days when they are not the
designated keyholder!
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