Faith in Action: Saint Gaspar de Bufalo Founder C.PP.S.

Founder of C.PP.S.
Brief History
• Born
January 6, 1786
• Ordained
July 31, 1808
• Founded C.PP.S. on
August 15, 1815
• Died
December 28, 1837
• Canonized
June 12, 1954
Gaspar is entombed
in San Maria in
Trivio in Rome
Interesting Factoid
• Pope John XXIII
went to San Maria
in Trivio prior to the
start of the Second
Vatican Council to
ask Gaspar’s
intercession for the
success of the
Events that shaped his Life
• Grew up in Rome
• Early years marked by sickness
– engendered a concern for sick
• Came into contact with many poor rural
peasants in Rome
– Organizing on behalf of social action
• Chaos -- due to the reign of Napoleon
• Clergy grew laxed in their duties
The Foundation of the
• Founded on August 15, 1815 in San Felice
– ran into opposition from Church hierarchy
– later Pius VIII removed all financial assistance that
came to Community
– The Rule not approved until after Gaspar’s death
• An Apostolic Community--exists for “work”
“. . .be a contemplative at home and an apostle
in the field.”
• Joined by “charity” not vows
The Poor in Rome
• Many peasants
came to Rome
• Even at a young age
Gaspar reached out
– feeding
– organizing them for
social action
The Banditti
• Terrorists had taken
over the town of
– What about terrorists
• Gaspar reached out
• Was able to save the
• There is a plaque in
the town
Loyalty Oath
• Napoleon had taken
over the Papal
• Was required of all
– pledge of loyalty to
Napoleon above all
• “I cannot, I will not
I must not”
In Exile
• Gaspar was
imprisoned for his
refusal to take the
loyalty oath
• He refused to back
down from his
• Spent four years in
prison and/or exile
Years in Exile
• Vision becomes clear
continue works of mercy in context of community
join with men and women in bond of charity
proclaim peace through the blood of the cross
reaching out to the outcast
to preach missions for the the renewal of the
diocesan clergy
– to preach a new way of living made possible
through power of blood of Christ
Gaspar’s Accomplishments
• Responded to needs of poor and
– went to Sonnino to the terrorists
• Renewal of clergy of Rome
• A man of conviction
– stood up to several Popes
– in spite of obstacles, Community survives
San Nicolo in Carcere
• In December 1808
Gaspar preached at
the inception of the
Archconfraternity of
the Precious Blood
• Engenders a
devotion to Precious
The Birth place of CPPS
San Felice--Giano, Italy
Founded the C.PP.S.
August 15, 1815
• Gaspar had come into contact with the
Archconfraternity of the Precious Blood
through Fr. Albertini
– Some lay “associates”
• Had a little trouble establishing the
• Pius VII then was supportive and
assigned the missionaries to convert the
banditti in the southern papal states
Gaspar’s Canonization
June 12, 1954
with the painting
made for the