Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Character Analysis
If Romeo and Juliet existed today, it is very likely that they would have
Facebook accounts. Your assignment is to create that account for any of the
characters that we have encountered thus far in the play. Fill in this information
on the “Facebook account” sheet provided.
You will be marked on the following criteria:
Picture of character included (drawn or from magazine/internet)
Personal information (activities, interests, etc.) filled out and accurate
according to information provided in the play
Favorite Quotes – you must include three quotes from the play (either
said by your character or to your character).
Mini-feed – include at least two recent stories for your character.
Friends – include at least four people who you think your character
would be friends with (Example – Romeo would be friends with
Benvolio and Mercutio)
Photos – Include at least two albums that your character would have
been involved in (example – Juliet might have an album called “Ball at
our house”).
Groups – Include two groups you think your character would join
(Example – Romeo might join a group called “Fans of Rosaline,” as he
was interested in her at the start of the play).
You also must include two wall posts, by other characters in the play
(Example – Romeo’s wall might have a message from Benvolio asking
if he is attending the Capulet party or not).
Be creative! For any categories that we have no information from the play on
(such as ‘favorite music’), take what you know about the character and guess
what bands he or she would like to listen to (Example – Romeo might like ‘emo’
music, whereas Montague might like classical music). You must be able to back
up your information with evidence from the play!