How we behave in school… - Meare Village Primary School

How we behave in school…
At Meare we want:
to be able to learn,
to be safe and
to be happy
We are encouraged to be aware not only of our own
needs but also those of others. We should to
develop values of:
and a sense of responsibility.
What happens when we forget to follow
our rules?
Adult will speak to us and use a Restorative Thinking card.
Adult will speak to us again and our name will be placed in
lunchtime book or on board.
If an adult has to speak to us again, they will tick our name and
we will lose play, or next privilege. Our name will be recorded in
the class behaviour book.
We might be asked to complete a Restorative Thinking Sheet.
What is a Restorative Thinking Card?
What are you doing?
What is the rule about that?
How is it affecting others?
What is the best choice you can make now?
How can you show that you accept responsibility
This encourages us to:
Have respect
Take responsibility
Make reparation (put things right)
And re-integrate (carrying on learning, playing and
getting on with our friends)
We can remember these as our ‘4 Rs’
What happens next?
If we continue to break our rules then we will lose
play or privilege time and be asked to speak to our
teacher, Mrs Bradley or Mrs Vincent.
Finally Mrs Eveleigh will speak to us and call our
No one is bad in our school
Sometimes our behaviour is not acceptable and
we hurt or upset people. This can be because
we are hurt or upset ourselves and it is important
that we speak to an adult about this. Adults will
always listen. We can speak to:
Our class teacher or teaching assistant
A play leader
Our Key person
Make a poster to show how we think
about our behaviour when we have
made wrong choices.
You could use the 4 Rs to help you
the questions on our Restorative
Thinking Card.