Social media: Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?
Audra Hoy / @audra_hoy / BrownBoots Interactive
Beth Myers Landbo / @BethMyersLandbo / FCEDC
Marcus Sanford / @mesgdesign / BCI Burke Co.
July 21, 2010
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
There is no turning back.
• 22% of all time spent online is spent on
social networking sites.
• 75% of households use social media.
• Time using social media has doubled in
the last year.
• Twitter has grown 1,250% in the last
two years.
• 55% have at least one or more social
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
networking profiles.
What is social media?
It is a conversation.
It cannot be ignored.
It is happening with or without you. Engage.
It is not free.
It is a tactic, not a strategy.
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
Does the glass slipper
Not every girl is Cinderella…and not every
social media avenue is right for you.
1. What is your goal?
2. What channels will help you reach that
3. Why does that channel help you reach your
4. How will you accomplish your goal with that
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
Social media planning
Find your target audience
What is the purpose
Find your voice. Be authentic.
Work out the logistics
Work the plan
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
Determining your goals
Network / Connect
Increase customer base
Build brand loyalty
Be a resource
Find potential prospects
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
Step away from the
keyboard if…
You cannot maintain.
You don’t know what you want to say.
You cannot commit to a long-term strategy.
You cannot, or will not, give those
representing you on social media the ability to
post or respond.
• You only plan to use “corporate marketing
• You still think that social media is free.
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
• You can’t have a little fun!
What your boss wants to
• Are your competitors out there? What are
they saying?
• Are our peers/partners out there? What are
they saying?
• Most importantly, are your customers out
there? What are they saying?
What are they saying ABOUT YOUR
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
L. I. S. T. E. N.
The single most important reason to be involved
in social media…listening to your
Listen to:
• What they are saying about you (the good, the bad
and the ugly)
• What they are interested in, talking about and
searching for
• Perceptions of your industry
Is It Worth It?"style of your industry
• TheMedia:
How to squeeze it in…
• Dedicate a specific time each day
• Delegate responsibilities
• Plan content in advance
• Don’t just hang out, you have other things to
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
The A-Team
"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
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Media: Is It Worth It?"
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"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
Twitter means business: How microblogging can help or hurt your
by Julio Ojeda-Zapata
Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is
Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online
by Warren Whitlock and Deborah Micek
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"Social Media: Is It Worth It?"
Audra Hoy / @audra_hoy
Beth Myers Landbo / @BethMyersLandbo
Marcus Sanford / @mesgdesign
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