My Polish Teacher`s Tie

My Polish Teacher’s
Symbolism in the Story
Learning Objectives
• To explore how the writer uses symbolism to
create meaning
• What is Symbolism?
• By yourself, write down a definition of
• Now, compare with your shoulder partner. Add
in extra ideas.
• Each person should read their definition to the
group. Write a group definition.
Symbolism in the Story
• What is the main symbol in the story?
• How do you know?
Stefan’s Tie Worksheet
• Success Criteria
• I will use the Kagan structure
Pairs-Compare to complete this
task co-operatively.
• I will give at least THREE reasons
to answer each question.
• I will finish the task in the time
Pairs Compare
• Shoulder partners to
come up with as many
ideas as possible.
• Shoulder partners split
to work with face
partner and share
ideas/add more ideas.
• Pairs join to form
group and round table
all possible answers.
PEEL Paragraph
• What is Stefan’s tie a metaphor for?
Success Criteria
• Use an integrated quote from the story
• Use the word ‘symbol’ or ‘metaphor’ in your explanation
Stefan’s tie is a symbol of…
The colours are used to…
….conveys the idea that…
…is a metaphor for…
….suggests that…
…makes us think that…
Turn for Thought
• Work co-operatively to complete the symbolism grid.
• Number yourselves 1 – 4.
should read the first quote.
should say who said it.
should suggest what the quote shows about the character
Should add any extra ideas and sum up what’s been said
Remember to move roles along 1 each time – so 1 will become
2 for the next quote and so on…
Everyone in the group should have a completed grid by the end
of this task.
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