art trading cards - Glasgow Independent Schools

• Artist trading cards (or ATCs) are miniature
works of art about the same size as modern
baseball or playing cards (2 1/2” x 3 ½”).
• The ATC movement started in Switzerland.
• Cards are produced in various media including
pencils, pens, markers, watercolor, acrylic paints,
collage, papercuts, found objects, or even metals
or cloth.
• Cards are signed, dated, and titled and can
include contact information.
• Cards are usually traded or exchanged. When
sold, they are usually referred to as art card
editions and originals (ACEOs).
Your final exam assignment
is to make 12 art trading
cards or miniatures of your
• Choose an idea or concept that you would like
to develop throughout 10 works.
• Don’t settle for 10 still life or portraits. You
must have a concept or idea. Examples:
Conveying symbolism through still life,
conveying emotion or symbolism through
portraits, and progression from realism to
Answer the following questions
• What is the central idea of your
concentration? How will you convey your idea
through the series of works?
• How does your series show artistic growth?