Ⅰ.Decide whether the following statements are
true (T) or false(F) according to the text.
( F ) 1.Everybody likes how LuYan looks.
( T ) 2. Models are everywhere in China for sales
( F ) 3.The first gerenation of Chinese models were born
in the 1990s.
( F ) 4.Modeling becomes many youngerster’s dream
career because they want to follow the Westerners.
( T) 5.Lu’s success on the international stage represents
a turning point in setting the standards for a different
kind of beauty in China.
( F ) 6. Lu was picked for a modeling competition
because of her good posture and feminine sweetness.
( F ) 7.Lu was first found unusual by a French agent.
( T ) 8.Lu is now a world-class supermodel.
Ⅱ.Fill in the blanks with words or phrases
from the Vocabulary Snapshot. Change the
forms if nessary.
1.We shall act our play on the school stage .
2.Old Amtanas remembered what it had cost him to get
a job, so he would not quit .
3.All these had an extremely negative effect on the
criminal justice system.
4.His parents were humble people; they had no money
and lived poorly.
5. At the end of the lecture, the professordismissed
6.I was dying to know where he had been.
7.Being thoughtful of others is the essence of
8. It was printed on rough yellow-looking paper.
9.The bill this week is too big for the Blacks to pay.
10.He abondoned the estate when he inherited it.
Ⅲ.Complete the sentences with the proper
forms of the words given in parentheses.
1.Let’s fix a (definitedly) definite date for the next
2.The new regulation gave rise to much
(controversial) controversy
3.She accidentally (splash) splashed paint on the
4.Michael Jackson’s music (breed) bred a
generation of fans.
5.Courage is an (attribute) attribute of a good soldier.
6.The girl went on with her plan, leaving other people’s
(criticizer) criticism behind.
7.The teacher is (editor) editing famous speeches for use
in schoolbooks.
8.I was told that he was a radio (amateur) amateur .
9.That was really a (stun) stunning defeat.
10. There have been an (exception) exceptional number
of rainy days in this year.
Translate the Chinese into English.
1.我极想知道他去过哪些地方。 (be dying to)
I am dying to know what places he has been to.
2.库存的鸡蛋全部买完了。(sell out)
All the eggs in stock are sold out.
3.在走红之前,他大约在20部影片中露过面。 (land
the big break)
He had appeared in about 20 films before landing the big
4.上大学是我人生的转折点。 (turning point)
Going to college was a turning point in my life.
5.那艘被遗弃的船在海上漫无目的地漂流。 (abondon)
The abondoned ship floated aimlessly on the sea.
6.简与大卫一起去了购物广场。 (along with)
Jane went to the shopping mall along with David.
All of us passed the math exam with the exception of
8.把你所想的确切地说出来。 (definitely)
Speak out definitely what you are thinking about.