Introducing the Online Graded Text Editor

The Online Graded Text Editor
Dr. Rob Waring
Dr. Charles Browne
Writing Graded Materials
How do you know you are using words in level?
How do you know which words are out of level?
How do you maintain equal leveling for different texts
at the same level?
How to Grade Your Own Reading Texts…
Solution 1: use a text analysis tool
What is OGTE?
• A FREE editing tool for teachers and authors
• It allows users to analyze the vocabulary in a text by
pre-set levels
• Allows you to write something to a specific level
• You can add your own wordlists (if you ask nicely)
Black – in level
Red out of list
Red underline – out of level
Green – ignored words
Users select a wordlist
(more will be added
They select a level
within that wordlist
The buttons are tabs
that show various
data analyses
The full wordlist (86,000 TYPES)
– In the selected list
but not in level
Words in the text which
are in level e.g Level 7
Words in the
selected list (e.g.
the General list
with 4500 words)
All data can be exported to your computer
Exported data:
• Is in Excel
• can be
manipulated as
you wish
OGTE records various
• Total running words
• % in / out of list etc.
• % words ignored
• Etc.
The current General Service list has 16 levels corresponding to
the Extensive Reading Foundations levels.
More wordlists to be added soon
• Ministry lists
• Business list
Want to add your list? Ask.
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