Открытый урок по теме «Money Makes The World Go Round»

«Money Makes The
World Go Round»
Серкина Алена Анатольевна
Today we will continue our
conversation about money, we will consider
positive and negative sides of money and try
to answer the question “If money can make
people happy?”
1. Money makes money.
2. Money is good servant
but bad master.
3. Money has no smell.
4. One who has many
friends never needs a
full purse.
pay – payment: monthly payment
waste – wasteful: wasteful people
misery – miserable: miserable of life
change – exchange: exchange the goods
agree – disagree: I disagree with your opinion
free – freedom: freedom of choice
own – owner: He is the owner of this car.
1. What the most appropriate headline for the text?
a) The value of money
b) The history of money
c) The development of money
Key: b
2. Read the sentences and say what statements are true or
a) The early form of money in Papua New Guinea was
quartz pebbles.
b) Each country has its own basic unit of money.
c) The money in use in a country is called currency.
d) Today money consists mainly of different objects,
which people use for selling goods.
Key: a) false: The early form of money in Papua New
Guinea was dogs’ teeth;
b) true;
c) true;
d) false: Today money consists mainly of paper
bills, coins made of various metals, and checking
account deposits.
In English, you can
use the word spend
to talk about using
money and passing
time. We use the
word waste to say
that we use our time
or money badly.
1. Complete the sentences with money or time.
1. My dad's quite mean. He doesn't spend much________on me.
2. My parents didn't spend much________with me when I was
younger. They were too busy.
3. My grandparents are quite generous. They always buy me nice
presents and
give me__________when they see me.
4. I don't spend much_________studying outside class.
5. I spend most of my free___________watching TV.
6. I spend a lot of___________on clothes.
7. I think buying CDs and music is a waste of__________.
8. I think studying history or Latin is a waste of_________. It's
better to spend the_________studying computing or business,
or something like that.
9. I spent all Sunday morning in bed. I got up just in_________
for lunch.
10. I've spent £300 since last week! I don't know where all
Key: 1) money
2) time
3) money
4) time
5) time
6) money
7) money
8) time; time
9) time
10) money
1. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
a new account
a loan
my credit card
1. I'd like to open_____________
2. I don't have a bank___________
3. I'm thinking of changing_________
4. I'd like to take out_____________
5. I need to cancel______________
Key: 1) a new account
2) account
3) banks
4) a loan
5) my credit card
2. Now complete these sentences with the words in the box.
apply for
1. I'd like to________a complaint.
2. I'd like to_________my PIN number.
3. I'd like to_________some money from my account in Japan
to my account here.
4. I'd like to__________some money into my account.
5. I'd like to___________a credit card.
Key: 1) make
2) change
3) transfer
4) apply for
5) pay
The first group
write positive
sides of money
The second group
write negative
sides of money
Write the essay on theme
“Can money make people
happy?” The size of the
essay should be not less than
120-150 words.