How to identify text elements in Digital

There are four (4)
communication elements
1. Images (Pictures, Graphs, Drawings, etc.)
2. Audio
3. Video
4. Text
These elements combine to create communication products delivered through
various mediums.
 Is the medium that deals with the written word
 Communicates by how it looks AND it communicates
by what the words mean
 Can be broken down into Five (5) categories
Typography: Study of the design of typefaces, and the way in which the type is
laid out on a page to best achieve the desired visual effect and to best convey the
meaning of the reading matter.
Example of Serif Type Group
Example of San Serif Type Group
What is the
difference between
these two groups?
Example of Script Type Group
In your opinion,
what is a script
typeface trying to
Example of Display Type Group
The main characteristic is that they’re
unsuitable for body copy and are best
reserved for headlines or other short
copy that needs attention drawn to
it. Display typefaces can be formal, or
informal, and evoke any kind of mood.
Example of Dingbat Type Group
What is the name of the
objects you use when
texting that would be part
of the dingbat type group?
1. Download and complete the Typography 1 handout (email it back to
2. Copy three poems (minimum of 5 lines, maximum of 40 lines) on the topic(s)
of Black or Latino History, Love, Life As A Teen (you may copy and paste the
text of these poems into a Word document and Email it to yourself for a future
assignment this marking period)