The workware™ family of products consists of
connect and view. These products allow users to
connect and share at the pace of ideas.
The workware™ connect statement of line
includes the interface module, processor and
wireless module.
The interface module comes in wide and narrow
versions to accommodate multiple installation
The interface module comes in both switching and
non switching models with 4 or 6 port options.
The workware processor is the central core of the wired
mode. It is mounted beneath the table surface inside a
cable base and controls all of the wired functions.
The interface module is available in multiple finishes
including anodized, charcoal, graphite and high gloss
The wireless module can be purchased separately for
wireless only or bundled with the connect processor
for cable back up.
The wireless option allows for unlimited user
access and quad view.
Workware provide scalable options for
connecting and sharing.
Workware view is a line of wall and table monitor
mounts that support digital displays.
The workware table mount with shroud can be
installed on most tables if purchasing new is not
an option.
The workware wall mount is compatible with
Enclose® and structural walls.
Workware view offers a table mount and wall mount
that comes with or without a shroud.
The workware product line makes it easy for groups to
connect, share and keep ideas flowing.