Curriculum Implementation Anchor Points - Dr-Eickholt

Curriculum Implementation
Anchor Points
the curriculum is like
moving a cemetery”
William van Til, p.321, D. Pratt (1994),
Curriculum Planning A Handbook for
“ School leadership, as related to curriculum
development and improvement, is known only by
those who have found a way to be comfortable with
change and the unknown. Given the nature of
curriculum development and improvement efforts,
there may be little if any security, and significant
Rachel Naomi Remen (with adaptation)
American physician and professor
ASCD SmartBrief September 10,2010
Curriculum processes/documents that are
created and completed with the end intent
… the work/documents will become part of
the classroom, school, or district decisionmaking routine…
…in a “fidelity” rich manner.
When the Classroom Door
The Critical Importance of the
Classroom Teacher
of curriculum planning is…
the daily decisions made by every teacher as
he or she converts general state and/or
district guidelines into classroom
instructional and assessment plans.
Curriculum Implementation
Reflective Questions
From a leadership perspective….
Why is it difficult to successfully implement a
curriculum improvement effort?
What should a person in a leadership position be
aware of AND what actions can be employed to
increase the probability of a successful
curriculum improvement project
Curriculum Program Implementation Anchor
Belief and confidence are essential when stepping into the unknown---not belief
and confidence that you know the way, but belief and confidence that you are
prepared to find a way or create an answer.
Curricular program implementation is a process in which the interaction of human
beings is of paramount importance.
From a curricular program implementation perspective….the creation process is
equally , if not more, important than the end product.
The working relationships between the adults in a school are at the heart of the
school’s culture.
The combination of evidence, authority, and fear is an insufficient base from which
to initiate a curriculum development effort.
Other???????????? To be added by group.
Potential Implementation Anchor Points
•Statements; Not Paragraphs
•Philosophical “Big Thoughts”; Not
•Future “Oh Yeah’s”
To Accomplish…Curriculum Effort
Implementation…Leadership Perspective…
Task One:
• In a small group setting and using the materials
provided ie. text chapters, articles, one page
handouts, facilitate the learning of the entire class
and….in the process create a list of curricular
improvement implementation anchor
points…arguably grounded in theory, best practice,
and craft knowledge/experience.
To Accomplish…Curriculum Effort Implementation…Leadership
Task Two:
Individually, by analyzing and then synthesizing the
information in the materials provided in class, with a
focus on the information provided in Pratt Chapter
10, but…also utilizing the implementation anchor
points created in class, class handouts, articles etc…
from a leadership, implementation perspective, analyze
your identified school improvement plan project for
perceived implementation strengths and barriers,
and based on your analysis, briefback to the class the
initial conclusions determined.