The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs
There was a big, bad wolf looking for food
who finally discovers three little pigs, each of
whom has his own home made of straw, sticks
and, finally, bricks. The wolf knocks on each door,
threatening to blow each pig’s house down. The
pig with the straw house and the pig with the stick
house fall victim to the wolf's threat. The homeless
pigs take refuge in the third pig's brick house. The
wolf continues to huff, puff, and blow the house
down but when he finally gives up and decides to
come down the chimney, the pigs are ready with a
trap and the wolf is killed. The three little pigs live
happily ever after in the brick house and they
never have to worry about the big, bad wolf ever,
Plot Chart or Story
Plot Definition
Plot is the organized pattern or
sequence of events that make up a
story. Every plot is made up of a
series of incidents that are related
to one another.
Plot Example
What is the plot of “The Three Little Pigs?
Exposition Definition
The beginning of the story in which the
characters, setting and conflict are
1. Exposition
the people and/or
animals of the story
the place and time
of where the story
takes place
the struggle or
problem that is
challenging the
main character
Exposition Example:
• What happens in the exposition of “The
Three Little Pigs”?
The exposition is
when the characters,
setting and conflict
are introduced.
Characters Example:
• Who are the characters?
The characters are the three
pigs and the wolf.
Setting Example:
• What is the setting?
The setting is the
village where the pigs
live at their three
Conflict Example:
• What is the conflict?
The conflict is that the wolf
wants to eat the pigs
Rising Action Definition:
A series of challenges that build to the climax.
A new challenge arises
Rising Action Example:
• What is the rising action in
“The Three Little Pigs”?
The rising action is when the wolf goes to
the first two houses and blows them down
and the pigs have to run to the third pig’s
Climax Definition
The most interesting/exciting part of the
story; where the reader starts to see how
the conflict will be resolved. The
“turning point”
Climax Example:
• What is the climax of “The Three Little
The climax is when the
wolf tries to blow down the
third house and fails.
Falling Action Definition:
The series of events that follow the
turning point to the resolution; how the
author ties up any “loose ends”
Falling Action Example:
• What is the falling action in “The Three
Little Pigs”?
The falling action is when the the wolf is
killed in the trap
Resolution Definition
The conflict and story are ultimately
resolved or completed; how does it
Resolution Example:
• What is the resolution of “The Three Little
The resolution is when the three pigs get rid
of the wolf and live
happily ever after.
Using your
notes, label
each of the
parts of plot on
the yellow
• Choose one of the following stories and
identify the parts of its plot.
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