Political Cartoon Analysis- Immigration in the late 1800s

Political Cartoon AnalysisImmigration in the late 1800s
EQ: Why has immigration always
been a controversial issue in
What are the symbols in this cartoon? What is the
cartoonists perspective (bias) on immigration? How do
you know?
What is a “hot issue” for political
cartoonists today?
Political Cartoonists of the late 1900s
Thomas Nast
• Famous cartoonist- Harper’s
Weekly magazine
Joseph Keppler
• Famous cartoonist- Puck
Looking at the Evidence
• Each group will receive a series of political
cartoons related to immigration at the turn of
the century.
• You will work with your group to analyze and
evaluate the cartoons. Then, you will present
your analyses to the class.
• As each group presents, you will record notes.
One of these political cartoons will be on your
• Group
Group 2
• Group 3
Group 4
Group 5
• Group
Reflection Questions
• 1. Which immigrant groups were most feared?
• 2. Why were these groups feared?
• 3. Which political cartoon did you find the
most disturbing and why?