Final Exam Review

Dates You Know
• December 9 – Today
• December 14 – Final Exam ( Last Day for this
Test Results
• 8 Perfect Scores
• 10 As
MC only
80 questions
Bring Scantron and #2 Pencil
Will not need you book
Comprehensive (Word, Excel, Access,
• Understand the projects
• Study old MC test
• Study Matching / Fill-In- Blank
• Which Word feature has greatly replaced the use of tabs?
– Tables
• Within what Word feature can you add automatic page numbers,
dates, times, the file name, and pictures
– Header/Footer
• The Office Clipboard can hold up to how many items?
– 24
• The worksheet that contains the totals from other worksheets is
called a(n):
– Summary
• A(n) ____________ is a formula that Excel has built in to
perform calculations.
– function
• An efficient way to locate and utilize functions is to use the
– Function Library
• The ____________ function counts the number of cells within a
range that meet the given conditions
– CountIf
• When you start the Excel program, a new blank ____________
– Workbook
• The intersection of a column and row is called a:
– Cell
• In an Access table, each column contains a category of data
called a(n):
– field
• Each row in a table contains a(n):
– record
• The Enforce Referential Integrity check box is found in which of
the following?
– Edit Relationships dialog box
• Which of the following is NOT a slide transition category?
– Circles and Squares
• A ___________ sets aside a portion of a slide and serves as a
holder for text or other content such as pictures, graphics, or
– Placeholder
• A ___________ slide is inserted at the end of every slide show
– blank
• Visual effects moving between slides are called ___________.
– transition
• Which of the following is NOT an entrance effect?
– Circle
• Which of the following is NOT an After animation effect
– Don’t Hide
• An animation is performed on an item when you:
– click the left mouse button or press the Spacebar.