Student leadership workshop - Student Led Teaching Awards

Student Leadership
Learning objectives
• Understand why student leadership is important
for your SLTA project
• Think about when you should make changes to
your systems and processes to encourage
student leadership
Firstly. Let’s look at leadership
TEDtalk: Simon Sinek
‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy
WHY you do it’
Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’
Your role….
• Your role: paperwork? Helping students?
• Drivers & barriers to innovation:
Stories from students’ union
• Student committees
• Student leaders being proactive in getting
students to nominate
• Students planning the awards ceremony
Good ideas from commercial world
We took a look at ideas where companies have
been innovative to cut time and procedures to
improve their business…
• Amazon ‘wrap free’ gift wrapping
• Starbucks ‘cup naming’
• Google’s philosophy
Take action!
How can we empower students
to lead this project?
Leadership challenges
• Send your students on idea-seeking expeditions
• Schedule time to gather ideas yourself and
communicate with your leaders
• Search for something that needs to be fixed – what
processes have you had in the past that haven't
worked that make you now want students to lead?
• Allow them to learn a new skill
• Experiment!
• Consider their ideas…even those that initially seem
• Debrief all failures and all successes
• Allow them to take risks
Are there are any good examples in the room on
ways to engage students and ways in which the
SU can support this?
The time is now!
Don’t think about next year for new systems
Design now (include key students in planning)
Introduce next term
Evaluate and tweak end of the project (involve
key students again)
Thank you for attending!
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