missnelson - SIOP

Miss Nelson is Missing
By: James Marshall
What we want to learn
• Content Objective: I will make inferences
about the story by using clues in the story and
what I already know.
• Language Objective: I will read fluently and
explain how I made my inference about the
How can I make an inference?
• Click the link to learn more about inferring or
making inferences.
• http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/ela4/o/in
• Click the link to hear a song about making
inferences with the help of spider man.
• http://youtu.be/m_ZNP5aj5fs
• arithmetic- math
• squirmed- wiggle or twist
• know-it-all- someone who thinks they know
everything and refuses the help of others
• swarm- a large group
Before Reading
• Preview the story. Look at the title, pictures,
and text. What do you think the story will be
• Making Connections: Have you every
misbehaved in school? Was there a
consequence? What did you learn from your
During Reading
• What inferences can you make about why the
students in Ms. Nelson’s class are
misbehaving? (after reading page 6)
• What inference can you make about where
Ms. Nelson is? (after reading page 8)
• What can you infer about where Ms. Nelson
went? (after reading page 24)
After Reading
• What can you infer about Ms. Nelson and Ms.
Swamp after reading the story?
• What did you use to help you make that