African Culture Mask

African Culture Mask
By: Raihanah Hamid
Salma Yousif
Heba El-Zoheery
Elorie Stirling
What is the name of the culture?
The culture that the presentation is going to be
talking about is the Woyo culture.
Where is the culture from?
The Woyo are mostly fishermen who live on the
Atlantic coast in the Angolan province of
Cabinda and spread inland to the southwest
region of the Democratic Republic of the
What type of art is unique to that
The most famous and common type of art of
this culture are their masks. The masks that
they made all have symbolical reasons. The
Woyo mask refers to the mutual mask by the
Woyo people of Western Africa.
What significance does their art have
in their culture?
Woyo masks are usually painted with contrasting colors against a
white background and are often with a full length costume
made from banana leaves.
The colors used in a Woyo mask must have symbolic meaning are
sometimes repainted to renew its power.
Woyo masks are carved for the ritual dances of the ‘ndunga’ , a
male society responsible for maintaining social order.
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