Wise Judgment: Good conscience in action



 We all have a moral character.  That moral character is made up of qualities, virtues, vices, talents and weaknesses that make us who we are.

 The Christian’s goal is to develop a character that is loving and deeply human.

 The four Christian CARDINAL virtues: wise judgment, justice, courage, wholeness.  Wise judgment: prudence or an accurate vision and comprehension of the whole reality (cf. Mt. 7:24-28)  (story from page 96)  3 dimensions of wise judgment  Seeing reality clearly   Figuring out the good Knowing her own feelings and motives

 Those good habits that reveal our inner readiness to do good  The habits of a life of love  Love is expressed through moral virtues  This is acquired through practice and with God’s help  The cardinal virtues of wise judgment, courage, and wholeness are foundational to all other moral virtues

 Take the case of the woman caught in adultery (John 8:2-11).

 Jesus understands that the punishment is too severe and that it is gender-biased.  He also knows that they want to trick him into disobeying the Mosaic Law and arrest him.

 The answer is to confront them with their own hypocrisy.

 Consider reality and the economic bailout we are facing or the global environmental crisis)

 Traditionally called prudence  Prudence: caution, wise judgment  Comes first in importance because it is the ability to:   Make decisions based on a well formed conscience Willingness to carry out these decisions

The next Step is good conscience in action

 We often have a mix of motives for what we want to do. Wise judgment excludes false motives.  Case: page 106-107. Which is the wise decision?