CRCT Review Bingo

The _________ a literary work expresses the
writer’s attitude toward his or her subject.
Words such as angry, sad, and humorous can
be used to describe different _____.
________ is a message about
life or human nature that the
writer shares with the reader.
and where the
story takes place
 The
action that follows
the cause
 The
series of events in a
______ is a brief tale
told to illustrate a
moral or teach a
 _______
is written
conversation between
two or more characters.
________ is a struggle between
opposing forces. An external
________ involves a character who
struggles against a force outside
him or herself.
true statement
 The
_____ stage is the point
of greatest interest in a
story or play.
 ________
is a figure of
speech in which the truth is
exaggerated for emphasis
or humorous effect.
end of the story
a list of classroom rules, the biography of
Abraham Lincoln, a brief history of Ancient
the titles of their chapter or trade books, the
titles of stories in their reading books, funny
rhymes or poems
He really went to town on that issue. They
were so obviously head over heels in love the
other people in the room left them in peace.
 Distress
or suffering
resulting from oppression
or persecution; also: a
trying experience.
is a
drawing with labels
that shows or explains
last (third)quarter
waning Moon
moon orbit`s
gibbous moon
full moon
new moon
gibbous moon
waxing Moon
first quarter
 Marked
by a menacing
wildness, extravagance,
or absence of restraint
 In
evaluating an author’s
_______, you are making
claims about what an
author has stated based
upon evidence from the
However, on the other hand, but, yet,
nevertheless, on the contrary, generally...
furthermore... finally, in the first place...
also... Lastly
As former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite writes,
"Naturally, nothing of any significance is going to
be said in seven seconds, but this seems to work
to the advantage of many politicians. They are
not required to say anything of significance, and
issues can be avoided rather than confronted."
a. anxious b. encouraging c. positive d.