HiST Arduino course

HiST Arduino course
Dominik – dominik.osinski (at) hist.no, 92550365
Nobody was born as an engineer…
• If you want to run, you have to learn how to walk first
• “An expert is a person, who has made all the mistakes that can
be made in a very narrow field” – who said this?
• Burn it until you learn it
• Engineers brake make things
• Sport/programming the same rule – at the beginning you are
10000 repetitions from expertise…
• We drink coffee only in the coffee corner!
• Questions! ASK AS MANY AS YOU WILL! Don’t wait!
• If someone is too quick with explaining or if you did not catch
something at once – ASK!
• If you have your own idea – try to implement it!
Course organization
2 weeks for each module
• Intro to Arduino and programming – Mats, Runar
• LabVIEW with LIFA – Robert, Lars Arne, Per Arne
• LabVIEW with VISA – Andreas, Torleif
• Competition – Dominik, Per Arne
First things first
• Loan receipt
• Hardware assembly
• Software installation – instructions on a pen drive
• Check the Arduino Project Book
• HW and SW working before the next meeting
• Arduino
• Components, Wires, Buttons, etc.
• Sensors
• Arduino IDE
• VI package manager
• Drivers
• Everyone has a moment of stupidity
• If it’s not working, check the power first, then connections of the
• Write code comments…
• Have fun!