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AT&T Arduino Challenge
Challenge Goal: Implement an original idea using an Arduino board(s), source code,
and sensors. Teams will develop a working prototype and present their project to
The Challenge is open to high school students.
No more than five students on one team (at lease one student must have participated in the
Arduino Workshop).
No more than two Arduino boards can be used in the project.
You can use sensors other than the ones given out from the Arduino Workshop. Please provide a
list of all supplies used as well as the associated cost.
Teams will present their working prototype to an AT&T location for judging on April 26, 2012.
Judging Guidelines: Projects will be judged on the following categories: Creativity & Innovation,
Usability, Presentation, and a Business Case. Presentations should last 10 minutes and answer the
following questions:
How did you come up with the idea? How does it work?
What does the project do? What sensors were used?
What were the biggest challenges you faced when building the project?
What would be the next steps to improve your idea? How would consumers use your prototype?
What is the business case? (material cost, build hours, selling price, return on investment)
Awards: All participants will receive a certificate of completion and congratulatory letter from the IT
Department. Trophies will be awarded to top performing teams. The event will be held at an AT&T
site from 9am – 1pm local time. The AT&T contact is Sam Stargill
NOTE: Computers/projectors will be available for students to use. However, the computers may not include all
libraries for the source code to work properly. It is recommended that if additional libraries are used in the project,
the student bring his/her own laptop computer.
Applications need to be submitted no later than 4/6/12. Please email applications, questions, or comments
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