JOSEPH DEON 9450 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA | (916) 276-­‐8622 | | github: jmdeon EDUCATION TECHNICAL SKILLS RELEVANT PROJECTS B.S. Computer Science University of California, San Diego GPA: 4.00 Major GPA: 4.00 2014 – 2017 (Expected) A.S. Natural Sciences Sierra College Graduated 2014 Programming Languages: Java, C++, C, JavaScript, Angular JS, Python, SQL, Arduino, Haskell, Go, HTML, CSS Tools: Bash, Git, Unix/Linux Journal Command Line Utility, Personal Project Description: Designed a journal program written in bash. The program creates or adds to a Journal directory in the user’s home directory, creates/adds to a directory for the year, then month, then file named the day’s date and opens the user’s default text editor with the user’s name, the date, and time of entry. September 2015 Github: jmdeon/journal RELEVANT COURSE PROJECTS BusyBlocks, Project Manager/Lead Designer/Programmer CSE 110 Software Engineering Description: A group scheduling web application designed to aid in finding times for group members to hold meetings.Learned AngularJS specifically for this project and taught it to the other devs. Angular Services, Controllers, Modules, and Directives were all utilized to achieve a layered and modular final product. sdiff clone, CSE 30 Computer Organization and Systems Programming Description: A unix command line tool clone written in C with some assembly modules. This tool reads two files and creates versions of them on the RTS. Then a longest common subsequence algorithm is used to find differences between the two files and prints the differences in a side-­‐by-­‐side manner. Spring 2015 Spring 2015 Critters Simulator, CSE 11 Introduction to CS and OOP: Java Description: A simulator written in Java with four different types of critters whose behavior is managed asynchronously. The fourth critter was extra credit but since I finished with plenty of time I went above and beyond. After completing the project I altered the program to produce thousands of critters and qualitatively tested the scalability on various hardware. UCSD CSE Tutor, CSE 21 Math for Algorithms and Systems Instructor: Dr. Janine Tiefenbruck ( Description: Aid students in concepts such as proving correctness of algorithms, time analysis, combinatorics, probability, and sorting/searching algorithms. Fall 2014 Spring and Summer 2015 WORK EXPERIENCE Software Development Intern, ThoughtSTEM -­‐ San Diego, CA Manager: Dr. Sarah Guthals ( RaspberryPi Minecraft Console Project: Converted a RaspberryPi into an affordable Minecraft console. Made Minecraft moddable in-­‐game by plugging in a USB drive with the desired mods. My device rules find python mods on the stick and integrate them with the running Minecraft. Wrote a custom Python Module in C for detecting global keystrokes to allow them to specify which mod to run. Arduino Professional Development Course: Designed and created content to teach community college professors Arduino programming so they in turn will be qualified to teach a college-­‐level Arduino course. Qualcomm Week of Work: Designed projects and instructed high school students in the fundamentals of computer science through Arduino programming. Summer 2015