WEB QUEST Life and Work of Jose Rizal

A Web Quest for 1st Year Students
(Aralin Panlipunan I)
Designed By:
Amer, Hasmin
Macacuna, Sittie Aisah S.
The youth is the hope of our future.
-Jose Rizal
This famous line of Rizal inspired the hearts and minds of every
Filipino. It was a reflection of his life, works and achievements during the
Spanish period. A man who has a passion in serving the country, a brilliant
mind to inspire his fellowmen and nationalistic ideals and principles that
liberated the minds of our forefathers which pave them the way towards
Jose Rizal, our national hero, was one of the reasons why every
Filipino should be proud of. It is not because of his genius mind but it was his
sense of patriotism that showed the world what a Filipino like him can do
amidst tyranny and abuse. He will always be a great example to every young
This time, let us know more our hero and acknowledge his life and
works during his time. It is better to become knowledgeable about Jose Rizal
aside from commemoration that we always do annually.
Your task is to research the Life and Works of Rizal. You should include his family,
publicities, education, his travel around the world, during his exile, his death and
many more. It would be more interesting if you will add about his amazing facts and
You will work in a group of four and should come up with documentation through
video presentation. Here are the guidelines:
Each video presentation must have a minimum of 10 minutes and maximum of 15
minutes time.
You have the freedom to choose the lay-out and settings for your video
You are also allowed to arrange the details in your presentation.
You can also add testimonials from a neighbor, classmate or anyone which ahs a
connection in your presentation.
Don’t to forget to showcase to us what you have researched about Rizal, the above
mentioned could be a guide to your presentation.
You are not allowed to copy videos that are already presented. Make sure that all of
After the presentation, you will put your presentation in a CD.
What is important is to come up with a documentation that is
educational and at the same time that will capture the hearts and
minds of the audience. The documentation doesn’t mean that you
should go to the place where he died, exiled or born.
The main thing here is to come up with a presentation that will
educate the young minds and inspire them to follow the acts and
doings of Jose Rizal. This is one way of inspiring them
You will be working on this activity as a group with four members and
chose a leader. The chosen leader will divide the roles (two researcher,
two editor, and multimedia duo)to her/his group member.
Once you have already received your role, make sure to visit the
resources section to have an overview about Rizal.
You have 3 days to complete the step or task.
After doing the research background submit it to the Editors to finalize
the contents of the video presentation. After one day of trimming down
the papers, present it to your group for clarifications and modifications.
Complete this step in one meeting so that you can finished it early.
If you have already decided the contents, its time to present it the
multimedia duo who must be expert in video editing or taping. If you will
conduct video taping visit this site to have tips. Complete this step for the
Review your work and Make a self-assessment essay about your group
The due date will be on the first day next week. The videos will be
presented the next day.
This will serve as basis for evaluation. For
Subject Knowledge
each category you are going to render 1,
2, 3 or 4. The scales below indicate the
1. Poor
equivalent rating.
 Student does not have grasp of
1 pt Poor
information; documentary provides no
2 pts Fair
information. Student cannot answer
3 pts Good
subsequent questions about subject.
4 pts Excellent
2. Fair
Student is uncomfortable with
information and is able to answer only
1. Poor
rudimentary questions. Documentary
 Audience cannot understand
only provides rudimentary information
presentation because there is no
3. Good
sequence of information.
 Student is at ease with expected answers
2. Fair
to all questions, but fails to elaborate. The
 Audience has difficulty following
documentary provides all expected
presentation because student jumps
information. There are few questions
based on missing content.
3. Good
4. Excellent
 Student presents information in logical
 Student demonstrates full knowledge
sequence which audience can follow.
(more than required) by answering all
4. Excellent
class questions with explanations and
 Student presents information in logical,
interesting sequence which audience can
1. Poor
 Documentary provides 2 or less expert testimonies
 Documentary has three expert testimonies, but the
testimonies do not make any argument.
3. Good
 Documentary has three expert testimonies, and the
testimonies make an argument related to the essential
4. Excellent
 Documentary has three or more expert testimonies. The
experts make an argument that addresses the essential
question and provide evidence for their assertions.
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