Portfolio Poster

CSE 3 Portfolio
By Haider Alshaher
This class introduces students to various
technological concepts and allows
students to gain hands-on experience
with various programs in a lab setting.
This class introduces basic programming
with HTML and JavaScript and teaches
several programs crucial to succeeding in
the professional world.
Presentation of Info with MS
With MS Powerpoint, users are able to create
flashy slide shows which enable them to
organize their information in order to deliver
great presentations. With MS Powerpoint, I
was able to create a short presentation
containing graphs and numbers relating to
my stocks and profits/losses.
Desktop Publishing | MS
MS Word is a word processor that
allows users to create various
documents for both print and
online display. The tools available
allow individuals to create what
they want with much freedom.
Here I have created a career plan
that is filled with information on
what I have done and what my
future plans are.
Making Info Available to
World with HTML/WebPages
HTML is a basic
programming language
that is capable of doing a
lot of different things.
Here I have created a
basic web page using
HTML and its various
editing styles.
Visual Programming with
Alice is a 3-D rendering program that
allows users to create different 3-D worlds
and animate characters. In Alice, I was
able to create a video of a fully functioning
Data Analysis and
Visualization with MS Excel
Dynamic Webpage
Programming with JavaScript
MS Excel is a spreadsheet application that
allows users to perform various mathematical
calculations and organize and format data. I
uses Excel to help me keep track of my stocks
and generate visual representation of my
JavaScript is a programming language that
is a bit more complex than HTML and
allows users to accomplish more tasks. I
was able to create an interactive BlackJack
game that anyone could play online!