height vs shoe size ppt

By: Michael Hennessy
Collecting Data
 To collect data I decided
to survey the class to find
out what everyone's
height and shoe sizes
 Instead of passing a
survey around to the
class I emailed the
students using a Google
spreadsheet and had
them enter the data and
submit it that way.
Analyzing the Findings
 Once the data was
collected I then created
a chart.
 The chart shows a
strong positive
correlation between
the height of a student
and their shoe size.
Class Averages
 The average height of the students in our
class is 62.25 inches.
 The average shoe size of the students in our
class is 8.625.
 The mode height in the class was 64 inches.
 The mode shoe size in the class was 9.
What does this mean?
 From this information
we can predict what
someone’s height will
be based off of their
shoe size, or vice versa.
 So if someone is 68
inches tall they
probably have about a
size 11 shoe.