StARs presentation for lectures 2014/15

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Student Academic Representatives (StARs)
What are StARs?
Student Academic Representatives (StARs) are students who represent their peers opinions, views,
grievances and feedback to the university at Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC).
Why should I stand to be a StAR?
Enhance your employability
Make your voice heard
Improve your course
Increase your skill base
For me, being a StAR is a fantastic
way to get involved with various
areas of the Students’ Union and
University that you wouldn’t
otherwise. You have a direct input
into the running of your course
and will work closely with both
students and staff.
Recognition/ Accreditation
Claim Volunteer Hours
StAR of the Year 2013/14 – Harry Williams
Biomedical Science Level 2
Student Academic Representatives (StARs)
StARs Conference
The ‘StARs Conference’ is a one day training event run by KeeleSU developed to give
StARs the skills and knowledge they need to effectively represent their peers. You need to
attend this training in order for your role as a StAR to appear on your HEAR. The event is
held on Saturday the 25th of October and will include lunch.
Higher Education Achieve Report (HEAR)
Being a StAR is a HEAR Recordable Activity so you get to prove to prospective employers
that you have held a position of responsibility within your course, with the following text
appearing on your HEAR for every year you are a StAR.
“Acting as a voice for peers on their course, planning, negotiating change and practising
public speaking with staff and students.”
For more information contact [email protected]
How to become a StAR
Nominate yourself
Attend StARs
Engage as a StAR
and get HEAR
Go to and log in with your university credentials
A box will then appear on the StARS Election page giving you the option to ‘Stand in Election’. Click
this link.
You will then either be taken directly to the nomination page or prompted to confirm your details.
Once on the nomination page you can select to run as a StAR for your course. (or courses if you’re
dual honours)
Your details will be confirmed by the Students’ Union once nominations close. At this stage you’ll
be able to add your picture, slogan and manifesto.
NOTE: The system will only allow you to stand for posts that you are eligible for based on your
university student status. If you think you should be allowed to represent a course and are allowed to
select this, please get in touch on [email protected]
You must nominate yourself by the 14th of October
(Nominations close at 9am) and you will be able to
submit an online manifesto. Your lecturer may also offer
you to do a short speech to your cohort as to why you
would like to become a StAR.
All students will then have until the 20th of October to
vote for their StARs. The Students’ Union will then
publish a list of StARs. Students will be able to vote for all
single and dual honors courses they are registered for.
Any Questions?
[email protected]
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