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The City of Ember
Literary Devices
Learning Target
 Understanding literary devices used in literature
Simile – a figure of speech in which two unlike
objects are compared using the words “like” or
 Example:
 …his [the mayor’s] heavy cheeks folded like drapes.
 What is being compared in this simile?
 How does this help you to visualize the mayor?
Metaphor – a figure of speech in which a
comparison between two unlike objects is
suggested or implied.
 For example:
 Somewhere inside her, a black worm of dread stirred.
 To what is the dread being compared?
 How does this help to convey Lina’s feelings?
Flashback – a scene or series of scenes showing
events that happened at an earlier time.
 Indicate where the flashback begins and ends in Chapter 2.
What purpose does this flashback serve?
 The occupations of Lina and her friends are decided by a
chance draw of a slip of paper from a bag. Imagine you are
one of the young people picking a job. Describe the job you
would want most and tell what you like about it. Then
describe the job you want the least and tell why it would not
fit you. Write a paragraph including a topic sentence,
supporting details for both the job you want and the job you
wouldn’t want, and a concluding sentence. Use the following
topic sentence starter to get started. (You can use
 TS: One job that I would like most is______, while the job of
(a) ________ would be the one I like least.