Giver PPT Day 8

1. The dog barked loudly.
1. The dog barked loudly.
 2. The new student can speak
 3. The little kitten should have
been fed.
 4. Many people can sing well.
We will review the study questions for
chapters 17-19.
Get out your notebooks and study
1. ___________was the receiver that failed.
A. Rosemary
B. Fiona
C. Asher
2. Where did the newborn receive his shot?
A. arm
B. forehead
C. Leg
3. What was release?
A. death
B. going to another community
4. How did Father act as he released the baby?
A. sad
B. normal
C. upset
5. Lilly was good at________.
A. drawing
B. painting
C. storytelling
A Surprise!
It is the difference between what we expect to
happen, and what actually does happen.
It is often used to add suspense and interest.
It is also used to keep the reader thinking about
the moral of the story.
The simplest kind of irony.
You use it everyday when you say one thing and
really mean another.
It is often similar to a sarcastic response.
When you appear to be sick and someone asks you if
you’re okay. You say “Of course!” But in the
meantime you are vomiting and fainting.
Occurs when a situation turns out to be the opposite
of what you thought it would be.
The teacher’s daughter is a High School drop out.
The mayor’s wife gets caught stealing.
The chef won’t eat his/her own cooking.
The barber always needs a hair cut himself.
Occurs when the audience knows something
that the characters in the story, on the screen,
or on the stage do not know. It’s like the
audience is more aware of what’s going on
than the people in the production.
This is used to engage the audience and keep
them actively involved in the storyline.
In all of the Friday the 13th movies, we know
Jason is in the woods. The characters do not.
When they go out into the woods we are
afraid for them because we know that they
are in danger. We scream for them to run, we
get excited when they fall, we cringe when we
know that Jason is right behind the tree.
Irony is a kind of a surprise. It is the difference
between what is expected to happen, and what actually
does happen.
Irony is like a glitch, a twist, or a last minute switch in
the game. It is an interruption of events that cause an
unexpected outcome.
There are three types of irony:
 Verbal
 Situational
 Dramatic
Fiona who Jonas is starting to have feelings for
ultimately represents all that he hates in his society.
She becomes a caretaker for the Old and learns the fine
art of Release.
When Jonas sees the twin released he hopes that
someone nice like Larissa will be in Elsewhere to
receive it. This is dramatic irony because we, the
reader, know something that Jonas does not…What?
Precision of language is ironic because they use it to
make things that are not nice sound nice, like release.
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