irony notes

Irony #1:
Situational Irony
• when the outcome of an event is not
what is expected
• the outcome is strangely appropriate
The Necklace
Situational Irony in:
“The Necklace”
• Madame Loisel works for ten years to
pay for the replacement necklace, and it
turns out to be a cheap imitation!
• We don’t expect it, but it’s appropriate
for her to be punished for her vanity and
selfishness in the end.
The Most Dangerous
Situational Irony in:
“The Most Dangerous Game”
• Rainsford learns a valuable lesson
about what it’s like to be “the hunted”,
but likely becomes a manhunter
• We don’t expect him to drift to the dark
side, but it seems appropriate and
logical in the end.
The Lady or the
Situational Irony in:
“The Lady or the Tiger”
• We don’t find out the results of the
princess’s choice, or her lover’s fate.
• It’s appropriate because it doesn’t’s a lose-lose situation!