Fortune Cookie Handout Abby Hargreaves Head RA of

Fortune Cookie Handout
Abby Hargreaves
Head RA of New Student Programming
Hollins University
The Plan
This year I made roughly 150 paper
fortune cookies and handed them out to all of
the new students on campus.
The Materials
• Scrapbooking or origami paper
• Printer paper with fortune-cookie-sized notes
(Mine said, “You will have a great first
semester at Hollins! Your lucky numbers are 2,
0, 1, 6)
• Glue (preferably glue sticks)
The Process
• There are multiple tutorials available online. I
used this one:
• You probably won’t get the first few perfect,
but keep trying – once you get the hang of it
it’s quick and easy!
The Result
Suggestions from the Editor
This program could be adapted into a bulletin boards,
door tags, or educational programs in several ways:
• Create a welcome board and put the fortune cookies
with positive quotes along the border. Ask each person
to take one at the end of a hall meeting. Put another
paper fortune cookie with their name on it on their
door with as their door tag.
• Make a bulletin board with a big fortune cookie in the
center and inspiring quotes coming out of it. Use the
paper fortune cookies with each person’s
name on it to decorate the board and resident’s doors
• You could also put information about a certain
educational topics in the paper fortune cookies to turn
socials into fun educational programs
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