Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk is the system used by MTSS to receive and
address any equipment problems that faculty and staff may
encounter. Using Web Help Desk, student technicians and
their supervisors are able to respond to these problems and
record the resolution on an online ticket.
Starting Up Help Desk
 Go to http://whd.tcnj.edu
 Log in using the username: mtss1 and password: media123
 The tickets can be found under ‘Group Tickets’
 When a ticket comes into help desk, it must be addressed ASAP.
 The ticket info will include the building, room, problem, and name of
the person who called in the issue.
Student technicians will use this information to resolve the issue.
Once the problem is resolved, the ticket status can be changed to
If the problem can not be resolved, students can add notes to the
ticket by clicking the + icon in the notes section. Students should add
their initials or name to any notes to show which worker addressed
the call.
The ticket should then be placed on hold until a full time staff member
can check out the problem.
Helpful Hints
 In order to be sure any problems are being addressed in a timely
fashion, students should check Web Help Desk every 15 minutes.
Students can exit a ticket by clicking either the ‘Save” or ‘Save and
Email’ button.
Students should be aware that if ‘Save and Email’ icon is chosen, the
faculty member who placed the call can see the notes added to the
ticket, so the notes need to be written in a professional manner.
If a call is ‘RESOLVED’, it will remain in the queue for 8 hours. If a call is
‘CLOSED’ it will disappear from the queue immediately.
Web Help Desk will time out after being open for so long, so students
may have to keep logging in every so often.
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