Interim Review PowerPoint - Ms. Robinson`s Classroom

Interim Assessment Review
Red text is what was said in class.
Need to be able to label:
7 continents
4 oceans
Prime Meridian
Need to be able to find the
longitude and latitude coordinates
of 2 points.
Q. Which geographer’s
technology is most accurate?
A. Robinson Projection
B. Mercator Projection
C. Globe
Correct Answer is C because globes are round and most
representative of the Earth.
Q. What are the Five Themes
of Geography?
Movement, Region, Human Environment Interaction,
Location, Place
How can you tell the difference between place and
Location is about where it is at and place is something.
Examples of places are the Detroit Zoo, the GM
building, UPA Middle School. The location is either
the relative or the absolute location. An example of
location would be the UPA Middle School is located at
5310 St. Antoine St Detroit Michigan 48202.
Q. Why are there different
maps that show the same
Different maps have different themes, purposes and
spatial scales that show different aspects of the same
Spatial scales: different views: like a camera zooming in
or out.
Themes: Thematic maps include elevation maps,
population maps
Purpose: Special purpose maps are created for a specific
purpose like to show ocean currents or a volcanic ring of
What makes a problem global?
A problem is global if it impacts more than one
Examples: terrorism, global warming, most diseases,
What are the different social
scientist perspectives?
What is a perspective? A viewpoint or a way of thinking
What does each perspective study?
Historian studies the past
Economist studies money
Geographer studies land
Anthropologist studies culture
Politician studies the government
Sociologist studies society
What is the geographic
inquiry process?
What happens in each stage?
Ask : Ask a question
Acquire : Get/Gain data to help answer the question
Organize : Organize the data into charts and graphs
Analyze : Analyze the data to find common threads
Answer : Use your data to draw a conclusion and
answer the question
What is distortion?
What type of map distorts by stretching?
What type of map distorts by squeezing?
What are the 4 ways of distortion?
Shape, Size, Distance, Direction
Which type of map distorts in each way?
What are the four things to
look at when you first look at
How is the Earth divided into
Time Zones