To develop the reading and writing skills
needed to tackle Question One of the
Extended Paper
To understand audience, genre, purpose and
You are Tom Vincent advising recent newcomers to Calumet Camp
Write the words of your talk to the newcomers.
In your talk you should:
Tell the newcomers about your recent hazardous walk
Explain the skills and knowledge needed to survive in this
Share what you learned about yourself from this experience
Base your talk on what you have read in Passage A. Address all
three bullet points. Be careful to use your own words.
Begin your talk ‘My name is Tom Vincent and I have something
important to tell you!’
Write between 1 ½ and 2 sides.
Up to 15 marks are available for the content of your answer, and
up to 5 marks for the quality of your writing.
The Question is out of 20 marks.
15 out of the marks for this Question are
awarded on the quality of your reading and
5 marks are awarded for your writing
You must answer all the parts of the question,
giving equal attention to the three bullet points.
Before you start writing, read through the
passage and highlight or annotate the parts of
the passage relevant to each bullet point.
You MUST answer in your own words and adapt
material from the passage to the form and
viewpoint of the response
You must use the right tone for the persona in
the question
The structure of your writing must be consistent
The last bullet point for Question One is the most
challenging. It either asks you to share what you
have learned from your experience or to describe
your thoughts and feelings.
To do this you must read between the lines and
INFER meanings, ideas, thoughts, feelings from the
To practice this skill of inference we will play a
quick game of articulate in pairs. Each pair is given
a famous person and the other team has to ask
only yes or no questions to guess who they are.
 Read
the PIXL and Complete
the small tasks on the PIXL
sheets 1A-1O
Question One- October 2012 Extended Paper
Julia during her recovery, fully explained her experience to her parents.
A reporter for a newspaper interviews Julia’s parents and asks the
following three questions only:
What made you choose to visit the rainforest in Ecuador with your
daughter, Julia?
How did Julia’s accident happen, and what did she do to survive?
What are your thoughts and feelings towards the Achuar people and their
way of life?
Write the words of the interview, beginning with the first question.
Base your interview on what you have read in Passage A. Be careful to use
your own words. Write between 1 ½ and 2 sides, allowing for the size of
your handwriting.
Up to 15 marks are available for the content of your answer, and up to 5
marks for the quality of your writing. (42 minutes to answer)
Discuss as a group the approach needed for
Question One.
In your books write down three pieces of
advice for a student who is about to answer
Question One for the first time.