A Cell is like a Solar System Nucleus/Sun

The sun is like the nucleus of a cell because it is the
source of power for everything in the solar system
just like the nucleus is the source of power for every
process in the cell.
An asteroid belt is like a cell membrane because it keeps most things out
while other stuff gets into the solar system. Just like how the cell
membrane controls what goes in or comes out of the cell.
Gravity is like a cell wall because it keeps everything
in place and everything in orbit
An orbit is like an endoplasmic
reticulum(ER) because the orbit is how
all planets stay on their own path
around the sun. The ER are the
passages for proteins to move through
the cell.
A rocket is like the Golgi apparatus because it
carries astronauts to different areas of the solar
The sun is also like the mitochondria because the sun supplies all
the power to the solar system.
The solar system itself is like the
vacuoles because the waste that is in
the solar system has nowhere to go.
Just like the nucleus and the mitochondria, the
sun is also like the ribosome because the sun
produces what the solar system needs.
Cell wall-outermost covering
Usually square
Usually one large vacuole
Cytoskeleton-inside cell
No chloroplasts
Can be any shape
Many small vacuoles
Do cell respiration
Are eukaryotes
(have a nucleus)