Green Italy, the green revolution is now! (Seminar in Bucharest)

Green Italy, the green
revolution is now!
Find new jobs in Small Business
We are already in the second stage
of the green economy
Everything that had been undertaken
with great investments, is now, in a
time of shrinking international
economy, on a different route.
Small - Medium Company
grow in 6/7 years
Italian Government has increased solar energy , from
2007 to 2013 exponentially, creating thousands of jobs.
Now the incentives of government energy
(Energy Bill)
who maintained a significant boost employment in
this sector, declined over the past few years.
Economic Balance
Even though the incentive of
“Energy Bill" went down, the
value of the materials, required
for the assembly and
installation of these systems
also went down, and the
investment appeared still
In 6 to 7 years were born many
small, medium and large
companies in which specialists,
from the designer to the
analist-investor, to the installer
of photovoltaic modules, have
expanded their activities.
Suddenly everything stopped
in mid-2013, the
incentive was removed,
and the entire sector
had a sharp slowdown.
now the only incentive
mechanism is the income tax
deduction, so they cut out the
whole slice of industrial
At the moment …
Rates paid to investors for
the sale of energy
(dedicated Grid
Connection) is undergoing
cuts 10-30 per cent every
in a completely hidden way,
in the sense that only the
insiders, every year they
find new laws that lower
values of their energy sales.
…many people are
How small and medium-sized
enterprises are evolving
New Working Fields
Improving New Tecnologies
electric bicycle with solar charging stations
investors can deduct a portion of
the money from taxes
improving the
of homes and
windows with high energy savings
condensing boilers
insulation of the walls
Mini wind turbine
What for the industries
Cogeneration Plants
Tanks for your attention