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Comparing and Contrasting
Disney with The Brothers
By: Nicole Chan
The Brothers Grimm
 Cinderella
 Snow White
 Sleeping Beauty
 Rapunzel
 The Frog Prince
 The Little Mermaid
Disney Changed the Titles
 Rapunzel to Tangled
 The Frog Prince to The Princess and
the Frog
 Did Disney change the story to make
it suitable for children? Adding and
Deleting certain words and characters
Usage of Most Frequent
Words (MFW)
 Sarah Allison’s research states that MFW was a small
set of high frequency features.
 Jockers was able to cluster majority of most frequent
words to depict different genres of plays and novels.
 The frequency of articles and conjunctions allowed
readers to identify what the most frequent words in the
novels were
The Contrast
The Brothers Grimm
 In Cinderella, the step-sisters try to cut out different parts of
their feet to fit into the glass slipper.
 The Little Mermaid: The sea-witch cuts off Ariel’s tongue.
There is pain every time Ariel walks when she is given legs.
The prince is in love with someone else. Ariel dies in the end
(turns into sea foam).
 Snow White: The Queens is her actual mother, not step
mother. She wants Snow White’s lungs and liver, not just the
heart. Snow White is awakened when she is jostled by a
horse in her coffin, which is being carried by the prince.
The Contrast
 Cinderella: The step-sister simply had big feet, and
could not fit into the slippers.
 The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s mother is still alive. She
gives the sea-witch her voice. Her and the Prince live
happily ever after in the end being human together.
 Snow White: The Queen is her step mother, and wants
the huntsman to bring her Snow White’s heart when he
kills her. Snow White is awakened with a kiss from the
 Cinderella: The characters stayed the same with the
plot of trying to fit into the glass slipper. Cinderella and
the Prince live happily ever after.
 The Little Mermaid: Ariel falls in love with the prince
and wants to become human to be with him.
 Snow White: Her mother hired a huntsman to kill her
daughter. She is still awakened at the end.
To the Television Screen
 The television series
Grimm is based on the
Brothers Grimm story
 The television series
Once Upon a Time is
based on ALL the
Disney stories.
 Both adding characters
not relating to the
stories to create a
mystery plot.
To the Big Screen!
 Maleficent was based on Sleeping Beauty. Except,
Maleficent was actually good while the King was evil.
To the Big Screen
 Enchanted was based on all the Disney movies
combined into one large movie. (Cinderella, Snow
White, and Sleeping Beauty all took part)
To the Big Screen
 In 2015, Cinderella is being remade with the title of
 Ever After starring Drew Barrymore was based on the
story of Cinderella as well.
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