NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessment

Proctor Training
A norm-referenced test
demonstrating a student’s progress in
basic skill areas.
 Questions adjust based on the
students ability level.
 MAP data may be used for individual
or whole-class instructional planning.
Prior to the first day, review the MAP
Student PPT located on T Drive.
 On testing day, take note of the
students who are absent on the record
sheet (Located in the folder).
 Read the Testing Script for the test the
students are taking. (Located in the
Refer to the student login poster.
 Circulate to be sure each student’s
name is listed correctly on the testing
window prior to the students clicking
◦ If needed ‘pause’ the test indicating NO to the
option to resume.
Staggered Start important.
Map tests are not timed.
 Comparable test environment for all
 No portion of the ELA or Reading test
can be read to ANY student.
◦ For IEP accommodations, words on the Math test
may be pronounced, but nothing may be explained
or clarified.
Use up and down arrow keys instead
of the mouse if needed.
Click Continue and select NO when
asked to print the results.
 Do NOT Exit the test – Leave on
Student Selection Screen for the next
 Have the student read a book.
 Record students that had to pause the
test and any other issues on the
record sheet.
 Collect and dispose of scratch paper.
If a student needs to leave early, does
not finish the test, or selects an
incorrect name.
 Ctrl+Shift+P and click on the
Terminate button. Select YES if you
would like to RESUME the test later.
 You will need to enter the password.
For make-up day or if a student
returns after leaving.
 The student will log in as normal.
Then they will be asked if they want to
Resume. They should click YES to
start the test where they left off.
If the question does not display
 If the problem persists after the
refresh, you should pause/terminate
the test with the option to resume.
See How to Pause/Terminate a Test.
 To Refresh click Ctrl+Shift +R
Read other troubleshooting tips and
ask questions.
 Other potential scenarios?